Updating the JTAPI Client

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Updating the JTAPI Client

Updating the JTAPI Client

The Cisco CRA server, Cisco Agent Desktop, and Cisco CallManager communicate using the JTAPI Client. CRA installation automatically detects the JTAPI Client used by the specified Cisco Call Manager server and installs this JTAPI Client on the CRA server.

If you change versions of Cisco CallManager after installing CRA, Cisco CallManager may use a different version of the JTAPI Client than the version used by the CRA server. The JTAPI Client Update Tool enables you to update the JTAPI Client on the CRA server and Cisco Agent Desktop to the same JTAPI Client version used by Cisco CallManager

The JTAPI Client Update Tool is installed by default in the C:\Program Files\wfavvid directory and is accessible from the Windows Start menu under Programs > Cisco CRA Administration.

You do not need to be logged into CRA Administration to update the JTAPI Client.

To update the JTAPI Client, complete the following steps.


Step 1   From the Windows Start menu, choose Programs > Cisco CRA Administration.

Step 2   Choose JTAPI Update Tool.

The JTAPI Update wizard opens.

Step 3   Click Next.

Step 4   Enter the host name or IP address of the Cisco CallManager, the Windows user name for the administrator account on the Cisco CallManager server, and the administrator's Windows password for the Cisco CallManager server.

Step 5   Click Next.

The JTAPI Client Update Wizard opens.

Step 6   Click Next to proceed through the wizard.

A window opens, which lists the versions of JTAPI Client software used by the CRA server and Cisco CallManager. If the versions are the same, click Exit.

Step 7   If the versions are different, ensure that the Update JTAPI for Agent Desktops option is checked and click Next.

The JTAPI Client is installed. (If the JTAPI Client version on the CRA server is a later release than the version on Cisco CallManager, the JTAPI Client Update Tool first uninstalls the existing JTAPI Client from the CRA server and then installs the new JTAPI Client.)

The Finished Updating JTAPI window opens.

Step 8   Click Exit.

Step 9   Restart the CRA Engine for the update to take effect by either:

  • Choosing System > Engine from the CRA Administration menu bar.

The Engine status page opens.

Click Stop Engine. When the CRA Engine has stopped, click Start Engine.

  • Restarting the CRA Engine from the Windows Service window, which you can open by choosing Start > Programs> Administrative Tools >Services from the Windows Start menu.

Agents must restart their Cisco Agent Desktops for the JTAPI Client update to take effect.