Design Zone for Collaboration

Deploy Collaboration for the Enterprise

Deploy Collaboration for the Enterprise

Learn about the preferred architecture and system design for deploying Cisco Collaboration technology in the enterprise.

Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs)

Empower your workforce through collaboration services such as Cisco Unified Communications, Video Collaboration, and Contact Center. Design powerful, comprehensive, and scalable collaboration architectures using Cisco Preferred Architecture design overviews, Cisco Validated Design (CVD) guides, and Solution Reference Network Design (SRND) guides.

These documents provide the framework for systems design based on common use cases and current engineering best practices. Cisco engineers have tested and documented each solution design so you can have a faster, more reliable, and more predictable deployment.

Preferred Architecture Guides

Preferred Architecture overviews and CVD guides offer prescriptive, end-to-end system solutions. The design overviews provide a basic understanding of the products and their roles in the Preferred Architectures, including high-level best practices. The CVD guides provide more detailed design and deployment recommendations that help streamline the implementation of Preferred Architectures.

Midmarket Collaboration CVD Guides

Midmarket CVDs provide detailed design and step-by-step deployment information for collaboration solutions built on the Cisco Business Edition 6000. These CVDs are based on the core recommendations of the Preferred Architectures, and in some cases they offer additional solution designs as extensions or alternatives to the Preferred Architectures.

Advanced Design Guidance

The Preferred Architecture overviews and CVD guides adhere to the design principles documented in the Cisco Collaboration SRND guide. The Collaboration SRND provides more advanced design guidance and recommendations to partners and customers who need to deploy customized collaboration solutions that go beyond the design parameters of the Preferred Architectures.