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What is Smart Net Total Care?

Enjoy world-class product—level technical support, hardware replacement and OS software updates—all made simple by a range of smart capabilities.

Reduce downtime and operate smoothly


50% faster issue resolution


100k + personnel hours saved


80% reduced inventory management

Service highlights

Hardware support

Resolve issues faster with 24-hour access to Cisco experts. Choose the hardware replacement speed that's right for you, including the Next Calendar Day option. Get operating system software updates from the Cisco support website.

Cisco digital support

Our personalized web and mobile support provides you with the ability to see model-specific content, download software, access automated tools, join forums, and manage your support cases.

Smart capabilities

Manage your Cisco inventory, product lifecycle and contract status—plus, view alerts and reports relevant to your network—all with the ease of automated tools.

Integrated Asset Management with new Cisco APIs

Asset Management is never fun. Cisco support analytics can now be integrated with your single source of truth, making sure it works for Cisco devices and software.


Smart Assist

Smart Assist helps you enable smart capabilities more quickly so you can start using them right away.

Asset Management

Utilize the Asset Management Service to maintain accurate tracking and reporting of your Cisco installed base.

Cisco Services Full Coverage

Gain predictability and peace of mind with uninterrupted, enterprise-wide support coverage for your current Cisco hardware inventory plus all future qualifying product purchases.

Onsite Services

Need assistance from Cisco with hardware replacement?

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