Cisco Lifecycle Services

Cisco Lifecycle Services

Achieve new and better business outcomes—faster.

Shift focus from IT challenges to business outcomes. Demonstrate success with measurable results. De-risk path to value with experts, advanced tools, automation, and AI/ML insights.

Transform your technology initiatives into tangible business outcomes.

We aspire to transform the role of IT as a leading enabler of business excellence and innovation. Together, let's shift the conversation from IT challenges to measurable business outcomes.

Drive business outcomes

Your team. Our expertise. With your desired business outcomes as the compass, let's optimize and transform your IT environment—all while demonstrating measurable success.

Accelerate value realization

Don’t let gaps in skill or capacity slow you down. Team up with our experts with deep technical and experiential knowledge to plan, design, implement, automate, and optimize your IT environment.

Demonstrate measurable success

Show the impact of IT on your business. Cisco translates the effect of technology initiatives into clear and measurable business outcomes with automated key performance indicator (KPI) measurement and quarterly business reviews.

Innovate without disrupting

Shift the conversation from "What's the value of IT?" to the value delivered with ease. Access our expertise in the business model that works best for you-advise me, work with me, or do it for me. It's even easier with Integrated Service Management.

"IT services must have scalability, adaptability, and measurability to meet business and technology needs. Cisco Lifecycle Services has the potential to deliver with its proven capabilities."

Will Townsend, Vice President, and Principal Analyst

Moor Insights & Strategy

Zeus Kerravala research

ZK Research covers our new Cisco Lifecycle Services

Zeus Kerravala provides a first look at Cisco's new outcomes-driven service developed to help customers maximize investment value by aligning technology initiatives to measurable business outcomes.

Seamlessly operate and optimize with Services as Code

Featured capabilities

Seamlessly operate and optimize with Services as Code

Use automation and DevSecOps methodologies to make provisioning, configuration, testing, and deployment faster and easier. Define your network infrastructure as software that can be versioned and managed at scale.

Start talking outcomes. Accelerate overcoming challenges.

Digital transformation

Turn your tech strategy into innovation and enhance your growth with exceptional experiences.

Enable business capabilities through new technology

Innovate new possibilities with next-generation tech to achieve your digital business goals.

Improve customer experience

Create superior customer experiences with resilient apps and infrastructure that work as hard as you do.

Improve end-user experience

Give end users an application experience they can count on with fortified foundational infrastructure.

Grow revenue

Embrace architectures for flexible, efficient applications and operations that scale easily.

Reduce risk

Quickly identify operational risks and act on them before they can hurt your business.

Demonstrate compliance

Pinpoint, prioritize, and solve both regulatory and business risks associated with non-compliance.

Enhance Security

Strengthen security across your IT infrastructure to preempt, protect, and persevere against threats.

Manage reputation and improve brand

Create a stable, industry-compliant network designed to keep customers safe. and engaged.

Optimize productivity

Create a more stable, resilient network. Then grow and scale employee and business productivity like never before.

Reduce costs

Cut costs to operate with technology optimization, improved processes, and best practices.

Improve Productivity with Scalability Insights

Learn how Cisco Lifecycle Services optimizes productivity with Scalability Insights. Address repeatable time-consuming tasks with less downtime risk.

CX portfolio expands value with Cisco Lifecycle Services

Discover how Cisco Lifecycle Services can help you get more value from your Cisco solutions. Make success happen with a flexible strategy that’s driven by business outcomes and designed to deliver exceptional results.