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Cisco Services Full Coverage At a Glance

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Updated:September 22, 2020

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Updated:September 22, 2020


Predictability and peace of mind: Uninterrupted support for all your Cisco hardware


Reduced risk

     Support for 100 percent of qualifying products in your Cisco installed base

     No interruption in support coverage

     Reduced downtime

Optimized performance of your Cisco investment

     Ease of doing business

     Predictable technical support costs and payment schedule

     Automatic services attach for all eligible product purchases

     Ongoing inventory management with convenient scheduled billing for support

     Simplified contract management

When you are responsible for keeping your organization’s rapidly growing network running, you may not have the time or resources to track whether every new device is covered by a support contract. The day you have a piece of hardware fail is not the day you want to learn you do not have support coverage for it, especially if your organization has regulatory compliance rules.

Keep your assets covered and your business moving forward

Cisco® designed the Services Full Coverage buying program to cover your assets and help you avoid surprises. Services Full Coverage provides enterprise-wide support coverage for your current hardware inventory, as well as for all future purchases of qualifying products. Your new products are automatically added to your contract. That means if you have an issue, you can contact us right away, even before you have purchased support.

How the program works

You purchase a Cisco Support Service for 100 percent of the Cisco hardware products in your installed base throughout the term of your Services Full Coverage agreement (a minimum of three years). In exchange, you receive:

     Immediate support on your devices, as soon as the device has shipped

     No support denials for your in-scope installed base

     Contract-level entitlement offering easy access to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for your support needs

     Monthly review of asset coverage

     Invoicing at regularly scheduled intervals (True-Ups)

Your choice of Support Services

As part of your Services Full Coverage agreement, choose from the following Support Services:

     Device-level support: Cisco Smart Net Total Care and your desired service level (e.g., next calendar day, 4-hour onsite, etc.)

     Solution-level support: Cisco Solution Support, which includes Smart Net Total Care, and offers centralized support across the products in a solution ecosystem

Either of these services can be purchased through Combined Services, which include Cisco Advanced Services and Support Services bundled in a unified pricing and ordering model.

Simplified asset management

Cisco Asset Management service is required with your Services Full Coverage agreement. This personalized service gives you access to a Cisco asset manager who will track and manage your Cisco products and contracts. They identify the Cisco products in your installed base and develop an inventory of the products, related service contracts, and applicable service levels. Your asset manager is your trusted advisor for reducing complexity, mitigating risk, and supporting your Services Full Coverage experience.

As a Services Full Coverage customer, you pay for support on a regular schedule rather than having to purchase support at the same time you buy your products. Your Cisco asset manager updates your inventory and meets with you or your partner each month to confirm the inventory. You receive a scheduled invoice for the support coverage of the products purchased or identified during your review cycle.

Next steps

Services Full Coverage provides you with predictability and confidence that you will receive the support you need when you need it.

For more information about the program and related services:

     Contact a Cisco Customer Experience sales representative or your local Cisco partner

     Learn about Cisco Solution Support

     Learn about Cisco Smart Net Total Care®

Learn more