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Cybersecurity designed for the Industrial IoT

Gain visibility and control

Know your assets and track application flows to build the right segmentation strategies and enforce OT security policies.

Defend against IoT threats

Protect control systems from malware, attacks and human errors to ensure production integrity, continuity and safety.

Extend IT security to OT

Feed your security platforms with events and context from your OT and enable collaboration between IT and OT teams.

How mature is your IoT/OT security practice?

Are you taking the right measures to protect your industrial operations? Determine your profile based on security practices that other industrial organizations are implementing.

Cisco extends cybersecurity to the IoT Edge

Introducing a comprehensive security architecture that leverages your IoT edge to give you visibility, operational insights and threat detection so you can easily secure your operational environments at scale.

IT and OT Cybersecurity:
United We Stand, Divided We Fall

This white paper explains how IT and OT can establish a collaborative workflow that helps create a shared vision and build a converged IT/OT security strategy.

A fully integrated IT-OT security solution

Visibility on assets and processes

Know your industrial assets. Identify their vulnerabilities. Track application flows. Detect process anomalies. And feed your cybersecurity platforms with all this OT context to build and enforce the right security policies.

Protect individual cells, zones or substations

Enforce zone segmentation, detect intrusions and stop network threats with our ruggedized industrial firewall appliances.

Dynamic micro-segmentation made easy

Leverage Cyber Vision asset inventories to easily build dynamic security groups and automatically enforce zones and conduits.

Build unified IT-OT security operations

Accelerate investigations across your IT and OT domains. Automate remediation without compromising OT processes. Cisco Cyber Vision feeds your IT security platforms with OT context.

Industry-leading threat intelligence

Detect threats and vulnerabilities before they hit you. The Cisco Talos threat intelligence team fuels your Cisco security platforms, so your industrial network is safe from emerging threats.

Cisco Wins Frost & Sullivan's IoT/OT Cybersecurity Best Practices Award

Cisco is combining its IoT networking portfolio with its entire suite of security solutions and OT/IT security consulting services.

IoT Security newsletter

Stay current on the latest threats, technology trends, industry news and upcoming events on IoT/OT security.

IoT/OT Security Lab

Cisco’s cybersecurity research for industrial and critical infrastructures.

Cisco Industry Validated Design Guides (CVDs)

Successfully deploy today’s top automation platforms and IoT/OT security solutions. Leverage Cisco’s reference architectures and network design guides. They are tested and validated to reduce risk and meet the needs of operations, and IT.

Improve your results with our security services


Work with our strategic and technical advisors to align security, compliance, and threat management with your business goals.


Design the best technical architecture for your company, plus speed adoption of and optimize network security technologies.


With our monitoring and management services to fully managed threat offerings, you can reduce expenses and increase security.


Increase efficiency, lower support costs, and improve network availability with our award-winning product technical services.

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