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Design, deploy, and extend with CVDs and documented best practices from Cisco

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Cisco Validated Framework

Providing technical solution clarity leveraging an agile approach and just-in-time delivery

Cisco Validated Profiles

Testing details for profile topologies, hardware/software features, and typical end-to-end use cases

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Engage your peers and deepen your knowledge on relevant Cisco Validated outputs

Cisco Validated Designs

Your blueprint for successful systems design

Cisco Validated Designs are tested and documented approaches to help you design, deploy, and extend new technologies successfully. These guides document building possible network configurations, how to ensure new solutions fit into existing systems, and offer best practices for successful deployments.

Faster deployments

From system designs to configuration instructions, CVDs make it easy for you to quickly implement your solutions.

Less risk

Feel confident that products will work together for success—CVDs are based on common use cases and engineering system priorities.


Due to extensive testing, CVDs help you set performance expectations and ensure faster, more reliable deployments.

Explore design guides by industry

Extended enterprise

Securely extend your IT networks to rugged and outdoor spaces.


Improve business operations by digitizing production environments.


Enable digital mining to accelerate automation and autonomous operations.

Oil and gas

Improve productivity and security of your upstream, midstream, or downstream operations.

Ports and terminals

Deploy secure and reliable terminal automation to improve productivity and output.

Public transportation

Connect your mass transit and rail operations to improve efficiency, security, and passenger experience.

Roadways and intersections

Improve public safety, operational efficiency, and traffic management.

Smart and safe cities

Get your city ready for digital transformation with a network that connects distributed IoT sensors and devices.

Utilities and renewables

Modernize the power grid to improve reliability, security, and distributed renewable resources.

Cisco Validated

Simplifying IT by ensuring you have the essentials to design, deploy, and operate platforms that deliver trusted, unified experiences