Cisco Validated Designs for Digital Mining

Build smarter, safer, more productive mines

Enable digital mining operations by connecting machines and sensors through secure industrial wired and wireless networks. Leverage our network design guides to accelerate deployments of mining automation and autonomous mining.

Validated designs for mining

Industrial automation for mining

Enable mining automation and optimize operations by connecting equipment and control systems with a secure and resilient network.

Mobile connectivity for mining

Optimize operations between haul trucks, shovels, and crushers with your own mobile broadband network that's paving the way to autonomous mining.

Cybersecurity for mining

See how your network can give you visibility into your mining assets so that you can secure operations comprehensively with a series of simple steps.

Connecting remote and mobile assets

Take your operations to the next level by building a network infrastructure that can easily include vehicles, industrial sensors, and remote assets.

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IoT accelerate to cloud

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Industrial IoT customer stories

Learn how mining operators are leveraging our validated designs and solutions to transform operations and realize key industrial IoT outcomes.

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