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Between letting good times roll and keeping good times safe

New Orleans hosts 18 million visitors a year. Cisco technology helps keep them safe.

Featured success stories


Turku Energia connects the IT and OT networks for an end to end infrastructure solution that optimized their network effectively, enabling them to supply dependable power across their region.


Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) manages production more effectively using mobile devices and gains real-time visibility.


LINZ AG converted to a digital and connected transit system with enhanced services and an outstanding passenger experience.

Company name Products Industry Region
Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer (Flemish Road Authority) IE 4000, IR 809 Router Transportation EMEAR
Sentryo IE 4000 Manfacturing EMEAR
Engie Solar IE 2000, IE 4000, IR807, IR809 Energy EMEAR
Turku Energia IE 2000, IE 4000 Utilities EMEAR
Rio Grande Pacific Corporation IE 4000, IE 5000, IR 829 Transportation AMERICAS
SDEE Muntenia Nord IR 809 Router, IoT Networking Utilities EMEAR
BC Hydro IE 3000, FAN, CGR 1240, CGR 2010, IoT Networking Utilities AMERICAS
Daimler Trucks ASR 1002, IoT Networking Manfacturing  AMERICAS
Lordan Cisco IOx, IR 819 Router, IoT Networking Manfacturing  EMEAR
Emerald Cisco IOx, IR 819 Router, IoT Networking Manfacturing  EMEAR
Black & Decker IoT Networking Manfacturing  AMERICAS
LINZ AG ASR 1000, IoT Networking Transportation EMEAR
Alaska Department of Transportation IoT Networking Transportation AMERICAS
ASFINAG IoT Networking Transportation EMEAR
City of Copenhagen IoT Networking Smart Cities EMEAR
City of Mississauga IoT Networking Smart Cities AMERICAS

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