Case Study: Port of Rotterdam

Port secures commerce with Cisco solutions

Each year, 130,000 vessels traverse Europe's largest and busiest port that processes millions of tons of cargo. Cisco IoT and security solutions help the port ensure safe passage and cargo transfer, positioning it as one of the world's smartest ports.



  • Must support 3,000 businesses and thousands of employees
  • Must ensure safe passage for 130,000 vessels and millions of tons of cargo
  • Port is running out of room and must reduce footprint by 95% before 2050


  • Standardized, plug-and-play IoT ecosystem now in place
  • Digitized vessel journeys for improved traffic planning, inspections, and security
  • Route optimization increases fuel efficiency, reduces emissions, and improves air quality

What they're saying

Edge Intelligence accelerates the IoT journey that we're in. Our goal is to have a broader rollout of IoT for all of our port's assets to become smart.

Jouke Dijkstra, IoT Architect, Port of Rotterdam

Who is Port of Rotterdam?

Industry: Transportation
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Size: 180,000 employees