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Cisco customer stories

Helping our customers thrive in the face of change

Every day, Cisco helps customers like Baldwin Wallace University innovate and transform their organizations. We can help you do the same.

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Cisco customer stories

Explore these case studies to see how our customers have realized their goals and achieved positive outcomes.


Schools, colleges, and universities are securely connecting educators, students, and administrators with technologies that are transforming education.

Energy and utilities

Energy and utility companies are using technology to improve system efficiency, resilience, and security to meet changing environmental, consumer, and regulatory demands.

Financial services

Retail banking, wealth management, insurance, and other financial organizations innovate with technology to help ensure security and compliance, increase efficiency, and deliver a superior customer experience.


Governments are modernizing critical infrastructure, delivering cybersecurity and compliance, and facilitating public services and safety with transformative technologies that benefit the lives of constituents.


Clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations use technology for efficient workflows and patient care that is connected and secure, improving the patient, provider, and staff experience.


By deploying secure, intelligent solutions, manufacturers are laying the foundation for smart factory operations that connect, automate, and operate anywhere at scale.


Mining companies use technology to make work underground and on the surface safe, reliable, and efficient, sustaining operations while protecting people and the environment.

Oil and gas

With transformative technology, oil and gas producers keep product flowing and make upstream, midstream, and downstream operations safe, reliable, and efficient.


In retail companies of all sizes and types, technology transforms operations, helps improve customer satisfaction and the associate experience, and protects the business.

Sports, media, and entertainment

Sports and entertainment venues are using technology to engage fans and improve the experience for artists, athletes, teams, and leagues, while enhancing business efficiency, resiliency, and security.

Technical services

Ranging from IT consultancies and broadband connectivity providers to construction and engineering firms, these organizations prioritize security and improve experiences for customers, employees, and partners.


Across rail, roadways, airports, and ports, transportation businesses are investing in digital transformation to improve safety, mobility, and operational efficiency.

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