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We offer a wide variety of reference opportunities for you to share your Cisco success story in the spotlight, or behind the scenes. You decide.

Why tell your story?

Share a technology success you're excited to celebrate or best practices that may help an organization like yours.

Hundreds of Cisco customers and partners have told their stories. Now you can too.

It's your story. You choose how to tell it.

There are as many ways to tell a story as there are people to tell them. The key is to find what's most authentic for you. You can be in the spotlight or behind the scenes. It's up to you.

Speak 1:1 with another Cisco customer or prospect.
Offer a site visit or give a demonstration of your solution.
Tell your story in a written or video format or share a quote.
Share your story at a Cisco or industry event.
Talk to the media or industry analysts.

Sharing success: A customer's perspective

Working with the Cisco storytelling team was nothing short of amazing. They were the driving force behind showcasing our achievements and bringing all kinds of positive exposure to Elkhart County. Through this, we've had a tremendous number of opportunities open up to us.

Matthew Dietz, IT Director, Elkhart County, Indiana

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