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Case Study: Istanbul Grand Airport

Building a secure, scalable network from the ground up

Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) is on a mission to construct the world's largest airport. Using the Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) Everywhere integrated architecture, IGA can provide protection throughout the airport’s network and allow IT teams to quickly identify and remediate security issues. With two construction phases underway, the IGA team has the foundation it needs to scale and support the upcoming largest airport in the world.



  • Build a secure foundation for the world's largest airport.
  • Ensure network flexibility and scalability through three construction phases.
  • Provide visibility into all parts of the airport's IT infrastructure.
  • Deliver effective threat-hunting and investigation capabilities.


  • Effective security throughout IGA's IT infrastructure: from network, web, and email to endpoint.
  • Enhanced visibility and threat-hunting capabilities to prevent attacks from entering IGA's network.
  • Integrated architecture allows IGA to see a threat once and block it everywhere in its environment, thus decreasing admin workload and time to remediation.
  • Scalability in management with flexible APIs.

Who is Istanbul Grand Airport?

Industry: Transportation
Number of employees: 1.5 million (projected)
Website: http://igairport.com/