Internet of Everything Case Study: Linz AG

Transforming Public Transit in Austria

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Transforming Public Transit in Austria

LINZ AG looked to solutions from the IoE and Cisco to convert its current system to a digital and connected transit system.


  • Enhance safety for trams and passengers
  • Deliver an innovative passenger experience
  • Improve operational efficiency with better insight


  • Built on the existing Cisco network as its high-availability platform
  • Deployed Wi-Fi and sensors on city trams connected to the network
  • Used Cisco Industrial Ethernet to connect stations, ticketing machines, and digital displays


  • Increased tram efficiency and performance while reducing energy consumption by 10 percent
  • Reduced carbon dioxide output by 85 tons in just 9 months
  • Simplified maintenance on ticketing machines
  • Enhanced capacity management

We decided to build on our existing Cisco network and channel its agility and simplicity to incorporate new security, mobile, and analytics technologies that help us achieve our goals and gain greater business insight.
- Georg Linhard,
project manager for LINZ AG TELEKOM