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Cisco Validated Framework

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As an IT professional, you are responsible for ensuring your company is making the right solution investments in support of your business outcomes. As you consider different solution offerings, you likely go through a process of learning, experiencing, and validating. You need to understand what the solution is and any design and deployment details that impact your ability to effectively support and transform IT and security operations.

Often, customer centricity stops with high-level solution messaging and doesn't provide the level of granularity required to gain a technical understanding of solution capabilities. Exploring, evaluating, and validating each solution under consideration requires significant time and investment.

It can be difficult to know how to start the evaluation journey, and vendors are not making it any easier for you. There may be stress associated with finding the most effective and efficient approaches to evaluate solution offerings and make the right decisions in support of your business goals. Poor IT decisions may result in increased risk, falling behind competitors, negatively impacting revenue, increased costs, overwhelming complexity, and an impact to business continuity.

As part of our innovation promise, Cisco is committed to creating the interoperability our customers need with the highest possible quality. Building on the success of Cisco Validated Designs, we have introduced the Cisco Validated Framework. This framework ensures technical solution clarity, the availability of just-in-time design and deployment documentation, and validation leveraging customer-centric criteria.

The Cisco Validated Framework centers on evaluation scope to help us ensure we are developing solutions based on your needs and that you have all the engineering relevant information required to effectively support operations as well as deliver unified experiences to your stakeholders.

Take a moment to learn about the Cisco Validated Framework and explore the links on this page to access content purpose built for the engineering community.

Execution model

Technical solution clarity

  • Technical evaluation scope
  • Case studies

Technical documentation

  • Adoption guides
  • Blueprints
  • Design and deployment considerations

IT Operations evaluation

  • Evaluation focus area surveys
  • Peer evaluation scoring
  • Peer feedback

Customer-centric validation

Functionality and viability

This capability delivers the expected results.

Ease of configuration

This capability is easy to configure.

Monitoring and troubleshooting

We have the tools to efficiently monitor and troubleshoot this capability.

Granularity and flexibility

There is sufficient granularity available when configuring this capability.


Implementation of this capability does not result in unreasonable outages.

Integration compatibility

Enabling this capability does not negatively impact other capabilities or performance.

Design and deploy community offerings

Discussion forums

Learn from your peers to get design and deployment guidance and share your expertise.

Knowledge articles

Review Cisco IT operational insights, how-to guides, best practices, and relevant information.


Learn from Cisco experts and engage with peers as part of live events.

Training and labs

Design and deploy Cisco solutions for impact leveraging Cisco Validated Framework learnings.

Join your peers

Check out the new Cisco Validated communities aligned to Cisco Validated outputs.

Cisco Validated

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