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Cisco TrafficDirector

Product Installation Guide (No title available)


Table of Contents

Table B-1 lists the directories created on your system when you install TrafficDirector on AIX and HP-UX systems.

Table B-1: Directories Created on AIX and HP-UX Systems
Directory Description


Executables, icon files, other permanent files.


Detail, snapshot, and summary directories.


Documentation for the files, directories, and executables.


Sample and default configuration file.


User-specific configuration files, status log files created by daemon processes.


Report output files.


Database tables created by the snapshot daemon.


Perl interpreter for interpreting and executing Perl programs.


Different SwitchProbe firmware versions.


Daemon logs generated to assist in troubleshooting.


Pre-written sample scripts used when configuring alarms.


Information for the Umbrella Management System.


Online help files.


GhostScript files used for displaying and printing PostScript files generated by Trend Reporter.


Files related to those in the /usr directory.


Files containing TrafficDirector installation information.


Files related to X server.

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