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Cisco ONS 15300 Series

Cisco ONS 15327 Metro Edge Optical Transport Platform

Application Note

Cisco ONS 15327
Metro Edge Optical
Transport Platform

The Cisco ONS 15327 is the first multi-service optical transport platform optimized for the metropolitan network edge. As fiber is deployed closer to the edge of the network and end-customer bandwidth requirements continue to grow rapidly, service providers face an ever-increasing need for service elasticity in metro transport networks. The Cisco ONS 15327 extends the geographic reach of service providers and unlocks expanded revenue opportunities, while redefining network-edge bandwidth management, scalability, and service-creation speed. The Cisco ONS 15327 enables service providers to reliably deliver traditional voice and high-bandwidth data services in a fraction of the time—and at a fraction of the cost—of other products.

Cisco integrates worldwide expertise in optical and data networking to deliver end-to-end solutions for service providers today. In the metro IP+Optical network, Cisco is eliminating the burden of complex, high-cost, single-purpose optical transport equipment to speed deployment of profitable, high-bandwidth services. Built on the proven technology pioneered by the industry-leading Cisco ONS 15454, the Cisco ONS 15327 combines unprecedented multi-service flexibility, integrated optical networking, and scalability to OC-48 and beyond in an extremely compact platform. No other metro optical transport solutions are more widely deployed.

Burgeoning Bandwidth Demand at the Metro Optical Edge

The Internet continues to drive exponential data-traffic growth in public networks, leading to the need for more bandwidth. Service providers are finding it necessary to deploy fiber into what was traditionally considered the access portion of the metro optical network. Increasingly, fiber is deployed directly into multitenant buildings and other customer sites. Despite the massive metro fiber build-out, much of the fiber remains unlit.

The Cisco ONS 15454 addressed the metro bandwidth bottleneck toward the core of the network; however, the new demands are creating a bottleneck at the metro edge of the network. Until now, service providers seeking to deliver high-bandwidth services and economically aggregate voice and data traffic at the metro edge have been limited to complex, high-cost, single-purpose optical transport products that lack the ability to scale.

The Cisco ONS 15327

The Cisco ONS 15327 breaks the bottleneck at the metro edge with a true multi-service solution that is affordable, scalable, and easy to provision and manage. The platform offers 4 to 16 times the bandwidth of traditional solutions and enables service providers to extend their reach to deliver profitable, high-bandwidth services to more locations than ever before. Service providers now can economically aggregate—and reliably transport—time-division multiplexing (TDM) and data traffic at the metro edge, much closer to their customers.

Cisco ONS 15327 features include:

  • Unprecedented bandwidth—OC-48 and beyond—at the metro edge

  • Multi-service flexibility on demand for TDM and high-speed data services

  • Industry's smallest footprint, measuring a mere three rack units high

  • Fastest service creation, requiring as little as 20 minutes to install and turn up service

  • Radically low initial and life-cycle costs

  • Ethernet with integrated packet switching

  • Proven technology pioneered by the industry-leading Cisco ONS 15454

  • Integrated Cisco Transport Manager (CTM) and Cisco Transport Controller (CTC) functionality for the Cisco ONS 15327 and 15454

End-to-End Metro Optical Transport Solution

Combined, the Cisco ONS 15327 and 15454 deliver supercharged optical transport from the network core to the metro edge. Both platforms utilize CTM, the comprehensive element-management system for Cisco ONS 15000 Series products, and CTC, a craft interface that offers easy node turnup and A-Z circuit provisioning, among other features. As a result, service providers can easily and reliably manage and provision circuits from end to end in a network of Cisco ONS 15327s and 15454s.

The Cisco ONS 15327, like the Cisco ONS 15454, supports multiple network topologies, such as unidirectional path-switched ring (path protection), linear point-to-point, and path-protected mesh network (PPMN). This allows service providers to deploy the platform for a wide variety of applications. The combination of the Cisco ONS 15327 and 15454 provides even greater flexibility in building a highly reliable, multi-service transport network.

The Cisco ONS 15327 is well suited for fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) applications, as well as campus, wireless, and business-park applications, among others. For instance, one typical application is an interoffice and collocation application. Figure 1 shows a network diagram of this application using both the Cisco ONS 15327 and the Cisco ONS 15454.

In this application, a Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) ring consisting of Cisco ONS 15454s carries traffic from the core of the network to its edge. At the network edge, there are multiple network topology options. One Cisco ONS 15454 subtends a ring of Cisco ONS 15327s connected to buildings. Another Cisco ONS 15454 drops off point-to-point connections to Cisco ONS 15327s located in customer premises or connected to digital loop carriers (DLCs). This network application, and a host of others, can be rapidly provisioned from end to end and is easily scalable to handle a service provider's growing needs.

Figure 1: Metro Interoffice and Colocation Application

Ethernet Solutions Using the Cisco ONS 15327

Customers increasingly demand Ethernet-based technologies from service providers, because of the protocol's lower cost and ubiquity in customer networks. Ethernet also is a natural foundation for next-generation services such as Ethernet WAN, transparent LAN service (TLS), and virtual private networks (VPNs).

Like the Cisco ONS 15454, the Cisco ONS 15327 integrates Ethernet access and Layer 2 switching into the same platform that transports data and voice traffic, contributing to the radical economics the platform delivers. Utilizing the high-throughput, packet-switching functionality, the Cisco ONS 15327 allows multiple Ethernet circuits to share the same network-side bandwidth, maximizing valuable transport bandwidth. Service providers can deliver multiple 10-/100-Mbps access drops for high-capacity customer LAN interconnects, Internet traffic, and cable-modem aggregation.

To support a variety of SONET port configurations, multiple Ethernet cards in a Cisco ONS 15327 act as a single switch. The platform also provides SONET-level protection for maximum reliability and more robust data services.

Of course, Ethernet services on the Cisco ONS 15327 are fully compatible with Cisco ONS 15454 services on the 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet cards for seamless operation and added network flexibility. The Cisco ONS 15327 and 15454 enable service providers to economically deliver Ethernet services to customers and efficiently aggregate the traffic back to a central point of presence (POP). The complementary platforms offer a cost-effective—yet powerful—combination on which to build a highly reliable, multi-service transport network.

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