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Software Licensing Self Help Portal for Cisco Email and Web Security

Manage Licenses to Meet Your Needs

This portal is designed to help customers and partners understand the license lifecycles and use cases for Cisco Email and Web Security products.

From the time you buy software to the end of its license term, you will need to go to the Cisco License Portal on several occasions. There you can register your license, manage it, share it, and transfer it from a device that has a return materials authorization (RMA).

The section below covers all your licensing needs for Email and Web Security products. You will find:

  • Advice on addressing some of the challenges of finding information about your product
  • Videos to help you see how different functions are performed on the portal
  • Use cases where you will need Global Licensing Operations (GLO) assistance

Most licensing transactions can be performed using the self-serve options on the License Registration Portal. We also provide a comprehensive user guide covering different use cases. (PDF – 3.5 MB)

Learn more about software licensing

Explore and choose from these offerings to find the answers to your licensing requirements.

Please open a case with the Global Licensing Operations team in the following situations:

  • Online PAK registration failed
  • Need to add or transfer Licenses between two Cisco IDs
  • Need a Web Security Reporting license (aka Splunk license)
  • Customer cannot register online due to lack of a PAK
  • Order is delayed or customer needs license before shipping
  • Need Evaluation or Demo license for a physical appliance
  • Need Email and Web Security license subscription extension
  • License is lost or the registered customer never received it
  • How to obtain a license from an expired unfulfilled PAK