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Deploy Microsoft Private Cloud

Deploy Microsoft Fast Track 4.0 with Cisco UCS Servers and Cisco Nexus 9000 Switches. (PDF - 6 MB)

Deploy Microsoft Private Cloud

Private cloud technologies have proven themselves in large data centers and hosting organizations. Businesses have been able to cut operational expenses with the ability to:

  • Quickly deploy new virtual machines
  • Make configuration changes to virtual machines
  • Live migrate virtual machines to different hosts before performing maintenance on physical components
  • Realize other important benefits

The benefit has not been quite as easy to attain in smaller configurations. Often the installation of cloud technologies requires the purchase of large management infrastructures in achieve the benefits listed above. But that has changed with the advent of the improved, built-in management capabilities of Windows Server 2012, the improved Hyper-V that comes with it, and the Cisco UCS PowerTool PowerShell module. It is now possible to bring some of the benefits of cloud technologies to small and medium businesses or to remote offices of larger businesses.