Product Overview

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Product Overview

Product Overview

This chapter consists of these sections:

The Cisco 6500/7600 Manager (C65/76M) software manages and monitors one or more Catalyst 6500 series switches or Cisco 7600 Optical Services Routers (OSRs) using Cisco Element Management Framework 3.1. The C65/76M provides standard element-management functionality, such as fault, configuration, account, performance, and security (FCAPS).

Cisco 6500/7600 Manager Software Overview

The Cisco 6500/7600 Manager (C65/76M) software adds custom windows and modeling behavior to the standard Cisco Element Management Framework (CEMF) system to provide the management of the Catalyst 6000 family switch and Cisco 7600 OSR hardware.

The software helps network administrators manage the Catalyst 6500 series switch or Cisco 7600 OSR by eliminating the need to have Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and detailed knowledge of the Cisco IOS required commands. It also simplifies the deployment process for the Catalyst 6500 series switch or Cisco 7600 OSR.

Multiple Element Managers can be installed onto a single CEMF server, which allows multidevice and multivendor management from a single system.

Note   Refer to the Cisco Element Management Framework User Guide for additional information.

Software Features

The C65/76M software provides the following features:

  • Manual predeployment of Catalyst 6500 series switches or Cisco 7600 OSRs and subcomponents in the management system before actual installation. The system can automatically detect predeployed objects and begin management when they are installed and configured.

  • Autodiscovery feature that identifies newly installed Catalyst 6000 family switches or Cisco 7600 OSRs and their hardware configuration.

  • Access to maps that are automatically created by the management system to show the exact representation of Catalyst 6000 family or Cisco 7600 OSR components.

  • SNMP alarms presented as color-coded icons on network maps.

  • Access to fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security (FCAPS) functionality (supported through SNMP and Cisco IOS software) through GUIs that you can operate without SNMP or Cisco IOS software expertise.

  • Many operations can be performed to several Catalyst 6000 family switches or Cisco 7600 OSRs, simplifying the management of a large deployment of multiple switches.

  • CEMF event browser or performance manager provide historical information analysis.

  • Configuration of Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet modules.

  • Configuration management, including backup and restore operations.

  • Software-download initiation.

Catalyst 6000 Family Overview

The Catalyst 6000 series consists of the six-slot Catalyst 6006 switch and the nine-slot Catalyst 6009 switch. The Catalyst 6000 family series consists of the six-slot Catalyst 6506 switch, the nine-slot Catalyst 6509 switch, and the nine-slot Catalyst 6509-NEB switch (shown in Figure 1-1).

These high-performance, modular, frame-based switches support high-density Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet in both campus-backbone and server-aggregation environments. The Catalyst 6006 and the Catalyst 6009 switches have a 32-Gbps switching capacity, while the Catalyst 6506, the Catalyst 6509, and the Catalyst 6509-NEB switches can support a backplane architecture that scales from 32 Gbps to 256 Gbps.

All platforms share the same supervisor engines, switching modules, and software, and support redundant configurations of supervisor engines, power supplies, and port interfaces.

For additional information about the Catalyst 6000 family switches, refer to the Catalyst 6000 Family Installation Guide. For a complete list of Catalyst 6000 family documentation, see the "Related Documentation" section.

Figure 1-1: Catalyst 6509-NEB Switch

Cisco 7600 OSR Overview

The Cisco 7600 OSR delivers optical WAN and MAN networking with a focus on line-rate delivery of high-touch IP services at the edge of service providers networks. Service providers can "service enable" their networks at optical speeds, enabling them to differentiate their service offerings for competitive advantage.

The Cisco 7600 OSR supports the following features:

  • 30 Mpps forwarding processor and up to 512 MB DRAM for Internet routing

  • Up to two distributed Parallel Express Forwarding (PXF) IP services processors on each Optical Services Module (OSM) for flexible IP service implementation

  • High-touch, line-rate IP services at 6 Mpps per slot:

    • QoS

    • Hierarchical Traffic Shaping

    • Destination Sensitive Services (accounting, billing, and QoS)

  • The ability to monitor service levels delivered to customers under service level agreements (SLAs)

  • Wide range of WAN and MAN interfaces providing DS0 through OC-48 (using the FlexWAN module)

  • Compatibility with the Catalyst 6500 series LAN interfaces offering 10 Mbps Ethernet to 1 Gbps

Figure 1-2 shows the Cisco 7609 OSR.

Figure 1-2: Cisco 7609 OSR

For additional information about the Cisco 7600 OSR, refer to the Cisco 7600 OSR Installation Guide. For a complete list of Cisco 7600 OSR documentation, see the "Related Documentation" section.

Supported Hardware

Table 1-1 lists the hardware that is supported by Cisco 6500/7600 Manager, release 1.0:

Table 1-1: Supported Hardware
Part Number Description


6-slot Catalyst 6000 series chassis


9-slot Catalyst 6000 series chassis


6-slot Catalyst 6500 series chassis


9-slot Catalyst 6500 series chassis


Vertical 9-slot Catalyst 6500 series chassis


2500W AC power supply


1300W AC power supply


1300W DC power supply


1000W AC power supply


Supervisor 1A with MSFC


Supervisor 1A with MSFC2


Supervisor 2 with MSFC2


24-port 100FX, MT-RJ


24-port 100FX, MT-RJ, multimode fiber, 128K per port packet buffers


24-port 100FX, MT-RJ, single-mode fiber, 128K per port packet buffers


48-port 10/100TX, RJ-45


48-port 10/100TX, RJ-21


48-port 10/100TX, RJ-21, 128K per port packet buffers


48-port 10/100TX, RJ-45, 128K per port packet buffers


48-port 10/100TX, RJ-45, 128K per port packet buffers with inline power


8-port Gigabit Ethernet


8-port Gigabit Ethernet with enhanced QoS


16-port Gigabit Ethernet


16-port Gigabit Ethernet, MT-RJ


16-port Gigabit Ethernet, single fabric-enabled connection


16-port Gigabit Ethernet, RJ-45


Switch Fabric Module

Supported Software

The C65/76M release 1.0 supports the following IOS releases:

  • Supervisor 1A with MSFC or MSFC2

    • IOS 12.1(3a)E3

    • IOS 12.1(3a)E4

    • IOS 12.1(4)E1

    • IOS 12.1(5a)E1

    • IOS 12.1(5c)E8

    • IOS 12.1(6)E

  • Supervisor Engine 2 with MSFC2

    • IOS 12.1(5c)EX

      Note   The C65/76M does not support Catalyst 6500 series switches or Cisco 7600 OSRs running Catalyst software.