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Cisco Security Notice: Response to BugTraq - Catalyst 3500 Issue

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Original Report: Cisco responded with the following, which is also archived at

To:  BugTraq 
Subject:  Re: 3500XL 
Date:  Nov 13 2000 7:35PM 
Author:  Damir Rajnovic <gaus cisco com> 
Message-ID:  <> 

Hello there,

This is the official reply to the def-2000-02, Defcom Labs Advisory,
posted on 2000-October-26 by Olle Sergerdahl (see

This is the brief description from the def-2000-02 advisory:

"The Catalyst 3500 XL series switches web configuration interface lets
any user execute any command on the system without logging in.

This issue was extremely easy to find, as Cisco provides a link to it
from the first page of the web configuration service. This is one of
the reasons I have decided to go public with the issue so soon."

We investigated this issue and found that this holds only if
user did not configured an enable password. The only instance when
this is true is when switch administrator has configured an access
password (on vty lines) but without an enable password. This
situation may be confusing since admins will be prompted for a
password when trying to telnet to the switch but will not be asked
for it when using the Web to access the switch. All switches from
2900XL and 3500XL families share this behavior.

We suspect that this scenario was present when Olle made his
discovery, but have not yet received his configuration to confirm.



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