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Cisco ONS 15454 Series Multiservice Provisioning Platforms

Field Notice: ONS15454 - OC48 ELR Frequency Tuning

October 30, 2000

Products Affected

Product Top Assembly Printed Circuit Assembly Comments HW Rev.
Part Number Rev. Part Number Rev.
15454-OC48E-33.47=   800-06870-01   -B0   73-4897-01   -A0   ^ASY,ELMECH,OC48/STM16,ELR,1533.47,1 CKT,SC   N/A  
15454-OC48E-35.04=   800-06871-01   -B0   73-4897-01   -A0   ^ASY,ELMECH,OC48/STM16,ELR,1535.04,1 CKT,SC   N/A  
15454-OC48E-36.61=   800-06872-01   -B0   73-4897-01   -A0   ^ASY,ELMECH,OC48/STM16,ELR,1536.61,1 CKT,SC   N/A  
15454-OC48E-38.19=   800-06873-01   -B0   73-4897-01   -A0   ^ASY,ELMECH,OC48/STM16,ELR,1538.19,1 CKT,SC   N/A  
15454-OC48E-39.77=   800-06874-01   -B0   73-4897-01   -A0   ^ASY,ELMECH,OC48/STM16,ELR,1539.77,1 CKT,SC   N/A  
15454-OC48E-41.35=   800-06875-01   -B0   73-4897-01   -A0   ^ASY,ELMECH,OC48/STM16,ELR,1541.35,1 CKT,SC   N/A  
15454-OC48E-42.94=   800-06876-01   -B0   73-4897-01   -A0   ^ASY,ELMECH,OC48/STM16,ELR,1542.94,1 CKT,SC   N/A  
15454-OC48E-47.72=   800-06877-01   -B0   73-4897-01   -A0   ^ASY,ELMECH,OC48/STM16,ELR,1547.72,1 CKT,SC   N/A  
15454-OC48E-49.32=   800-06878-01   -B0   73-4897-01   -A0   ^ASY,ELMECH,OC48/STM16,ELR,1549.32,1 CKT,SC   N/A  
15454-OC48E-50.92=   800-06879-01   -B0   73-4897-01   -A0   ^ASY,ELMECH,OC48/STM16,ELR,1550.92,1 CKT,SC   N/A  
15454-OC48E-52.52=   800-06880-01   -B0   73-4897-01   -A0   ^ASY,ELMECH,OC48/STM16,ELR,1552.52,1 CKT,SC   N/A  
15454-OC48E-54.13=   800-06881-01   -B0   73-4897-01   -A0   ^ASY,ELMECH,OC48/STM16,ELR,1554.13,1 CKT,SC   N/A  
15454-OC48E-55.75=   800-06882-01   -B0   73-4897-01   -A0   ^ASY,ELMECH,OC48/STM16,ELR,1555.75,1 CKT,SC   N/A  
15454-OC48E-57.36=   800-06883-01   -B0   73-4897-01   -A0   ^ASY,ELMECH,OC48/STM16,ELR,1557.36,1 CKT,SC   N/A  
15454-OC48E-60.61=   800-06885-01   -B0   73-4897-01   -A0   ^ASY,ELMECH,OC48/STM16,ELR,1560.61,1 CKT,SC   N/A  
15454-OC48E-30.33=   800-06868-01   -B0   73-4897-01   -A0   ^ASY,ELMECH,OC48/STM16,ELR,1530.33,1 CKT,SC   N/A  

Problem Description

While verifying test data for the OC48 ELR cards, it was determined that a series of boards were allowed to pass the hardware verification test prior to shipping without having documented test results. These boards may have lasers tuned outside of the .02 nm tolerance in each of the specific target wavelengths. This variance can be associated with failure to pass traffic in a fully populated DWDM configuration. For those boards implemented in a single wavelength system, the variance will not cause traffic problems unless the adjoining wavelengths are utilized.  


This problem was detected during testing verification and was verified in the manufacturing lab.  

Problem Symptoms

In a single wavelength configuration, there will be no problems or symptoms.

In a WDM system utilizing multiple wavelengths the affected boards may cause errors on the wavelength of the affected card and may also cause errors on the adjoining wavelengths. (That is, the affected card is operating in the Blue Band at 1541.35nm, and this may affect traffic being transmitted along the 1539.77nm or the 1542.94nm wavelength.)  


If you are having issues with an OC-48 ELR board, please compare the serial number of the boards you possess with those listed in this field notice to determine if your board might be affected by this issue.

For those boards that are in service in a fully populated DWDM system that is running error free, the boards in your system are not affected by this issue.

To verify the operating bandwidth of an OC48 ELR board, use a wavelength meter to determine the precise operating wavelength. For those boards that are operating outside of the specified wavelength, the attached upgrade request can be used to return defective equipment.

  Procedure for verifying operating wavelength of OC48 ELR boards:

Tools required:

  1. Optical wavelength meter (HP 86120C, or similar) calibrated for vacuum.

  2. Single-mode fiber jumper to connect the wavelength meter to the "TX" port of the OC48 ELR under test.
To determine the operating wavelenght of the OC48ELR:
  1. Insert the OC48 ELR into the appropriate 15454 slot.

  2. Wait for the OC48 ELR to boot ("ACT" light becomes "green" and the "FAIL" light turns "off". Ignore the "SF" light.)

  3. Connect the calibrated wavelength meter to the booted OC48 ELR "TX" port. (Observe standard cleaning practices when connecting fibers.)

  4. Read wavelength reported by the wavelength meter.

  5. Compare the reading to the wavelength printed on the faceplate. If the wavelength reading is +/- 0.02 nm of the faceplate wavelength, the OC48 ELR output wavelength is correct. If the reading is outside of the +/- 0.02 nm range, then the OC48 ELR is out of specification and should be returned to Cisco.

Historical manufacturing data suggests that 3% of the boards listed in the field notice will be affected by this issue. It is imperative that you confirm the operating wavelength of your OC48 ELR card prior to RMA. If you need assistance determining the wavelength of a card, please contact our Technical Assistance Center for assistance.

To determine the Part Number, Hardware Revision, and Serial Number of your OC48 ELR boards, follow the steps below:

  1. Open CTC.
  2. From the Shelf View, select Inventory.
  3. From the Inventory tab, locate the OC48 ELR boards and compare the information from this tab against this Field Notice.


Serial Numbers

FAA0429B9N5, FAA04249P8F, FAA04249Q60, FAA04199PGJ, FAA04199HUU, FAA04259AQA, FAA04249QT6, FAA04249PKL, FAA04189H3N, FAA04219N40, FAA04219JAK, FAA04219N2R, FAA04189FR4, FAA04189H4L, FAA04189H39, FAA04189FRQ, FAA04189H4C, FAA04189H49, FAA0429B9BP, FAA04189H3P, FAA04189FS4, FAA04189FT9, FAA04189H3R, FAA04189B4D, FAA04189B4R, FAA04189H5Z, FAA04249P32, FAA04259APM, FAA04249QSU, FAA04219JA6, FAA04219N44, FAA04219P8V, FAA04219KVA, FAA04189H59, FAA04219JAF, FAA04189DQX, FAA04299V11, FAA041899XQ, FAA04219PA7, FAA04219N55, FAA04219N4G, FAA04219N37, FAA04169JXU, FAA04189B3L, FAA04189B46, FAA04189B4N, FAA04189B57, FAA04189B5C, FAA04189DNG, FAA04189DNJ, FAA04189DNT, FAA04189DP6, FAA04189DP8, FAA04189DPK, FAA04189DPP, FAA04189DPU, FAA04189DQ1, FAA04189DQG, FAA04189DR5, FAA04189FRN, FAA04189FRR, FAA04189FRT, FAA04189FTE, FAA04189FTQ, FAA04189H4K, FAA04189H6L, FAA04199E5B, FAA04199E5D, FAA04199E5K, FAA04199E5T, FAA04199E5V, FAA04199E63, FAA04199E66, FAA04199F54, FAA04199F56, FAA04199F5D, FAA04199F5P, FAA04199F5R, FAA04199F5T, FAA04199F64, FAA04199HTN, FAA04199HTP, FAA04199HTV, FAA04199HTY, FAA04199HTZ, FAA04199HU0, FAA04199HU2, FAA04199HU3, FAA04199HU4, FAA04199HU7, FAA04199HU9, FAA04219J9U, FAA04249Q5B, FAA04249Q5P, FAA04299GPN, FAA04299GPQ, FAA04299GPR, FAA04299GPU, FAA04299GPV, FAA04299GPX, FAA04299GPY, FAA04299GPZ, FAA04299GQ0, FAA04299GQ1, FAA04299GQ2, FAA04299GQ4, FAA04299GQ5, FAA04299GQ6, FAA04299GQ7, FAA04299GQ8, FAA04299GQ9, FAA04299GQA, FAA04299GQC, FAA04299GQD, FAA04299GQE, FAA04299GQF, FAA04299GQH, FAA04299GQK, FAA04299GQM, FAA04299GQN, FAA04299GQP, FAA04299GQQ, FAA04299GQR, FAA04299GQT, FAA04299GQU, FAA04299GQV, FAA04299GQX, FAA04299GQY, FAA04299GR0, FAA04299GR1, FAA04299GR2, FAA04299GR3, FAA04299GR4, FAA04299GR5, FAA04299GR6, FAA04299GR7, FAA04299GR8, FAA04299GRA, FAA04299GRB, FAA04299GRC, FAA04299GRD, FAA04299GRE, FAA04299GRF, FAA04299GRG, FAA04299GRJ, FAA04299GRM, FAA04299GRN, FAA04299GRP, FAA04299GRQ, FAA04299GRR, FAA04299GRU, FAA04299GRV, FAA04299GRX, FAA04299GRY, FAA04299GS0, FAA04299GS1, FAA04299GS2, FAA04299GS3, FAA04299GS4, FAA04299GS5, FAA04299GS6, FAA04299GS7, FAA04299GS8, FAA04299GSA, FAA04299GSB, FAA04299GSC, FAA04299GSD, FAA04299GSE, FAA04299GSF, FAA04299GSH, FAA04299GSJ, FAA04299GSK, FAA04299GSL, FAA04299GSM, FAA04299GSR, FAA04299GSS, FAA04299GST, FAA04299GSU, FAA04299GSX, FAA04299GSZ, FAA04299GT0, FAA04299GT1, FAA04299GT2, FAA04299GT4, FAA04299GT5, FAA04299GT6, FAA04299GT7, FAA04299GT8, FAA04299GT9, FAA04299GTA, FAA04299GTC, FAA04299GTD, FAA04299GTE, FAA04299GTF, FAA04299GTG, FAA04299GTJ, FAA04299GTK, FAA04299GTM, FAA04299GTN, FAA04299GTP, FAA04299GTQ, FAA04299GTR, FAA04299GTS, FAA04299GTT, FAA04299GTU, FAA04299GTV, FAA04299GTX, FAA04299GTZ, FAA04299GU0, FAA04299GU1, FAA04299GU2, FAA04299GU3, FAA04299GU4, FAA04299GU6, FAA04299GU7, FAA04299GU8, FAA04299GUA, FAA04299GUB, FAA04299GUC, FAA04299GUD, FAA04299GUE, FAA04299GUG, FAA04299GUH, FAA04299NLT, FAA04299NLX, FAA04299NLZ, FAA04299NM1, FAA04299NM2, FAA04299NM3, FAA04299NM4, FAA04299NM5, FAA04299NM8, FAA04299NM9, FAA04299NMA, FAA04299NMC, FAA04299NMD, FAA04299NME, FAA04299NMH, FAA04299NMJ, FAA04299NMK, FAA04299NML, FAA04299NMM, FAA04299NMP, FAA04299NMQ, FAA04299NMR, FAA04299NMS, FAA04299NMT, FAA04299NMU, FAA04299RRF, FAA04299RRG, FAA04299RRH, FAA04299RRJ, FAA04299RRN, FAA04299RRP, FAA04299RRQ, FAA04299RRR, FAA04299RRS, FAA04299RRU, FAA04299RRV, FAA04299RRX, FAA04299RRY, FAA04299RRZ, FAA04299RS0, FAA04299RS2, FAA04299RS3, FAA04299RS4, FAA04299RS5, FAA04299RS6, FAA04299RS7, FAA04299RS8, FAA04299RS9, FAA04299RSA, FAA04299RSE, FAA04299RSF, FAA04299RSG, FAA04299RSH, FAA04299RSJ, FAA04299RSK, FAA04299RSL, FAA04299RSM, FAA04299RSQ, FAA04299RSR, FAA04299RST, FAA04299RSU, FAA04299RSV, FAA04299RSY, FAA04299RSZ, FAA04299RT0, FAA04299RT1, FAA04299RT2, FAA04299RT3, FAA04299RT4, FAA04299RT7, FAA04299RT8, FAA04299RTC, FAA04299RTD, FAA04299RTE, FAA04299RTG, FAA04299RTH, FAA04299RTJ, FAA04299RTK, FAA04299RTM, FAA04299RTN, FAA04299RTP, FAA04299RTU, FAA04299RTV, FAA04299RTX, FAA04299RTY, FAA04299RTZ, FAA04299RU1, FAA04299RU2, FAA04299RU3, FAA04299RU4, FAA04299RU7, FAA04299RU8, FAA04299RU9, FAA04299RUB, FAA04299RUC, FAA04299RUD, FAA04299RUE, FAA04299RUG, FAA04299RUJ, FAA04299RUK, FAA04299RUL, FAA04299RUM, FAA04299RUP, FAA04299RUQ, FAA04299RUR, FAA04299RUV, FAA04299RUX, FAA04299RUZ, FAA04299RV0, FAA04299RV1, FAA04299RV2, FAA04299RV3, FAA04299RV4, FAA04299RV5, FAA04299RV6, FAA04299RV7, FAA04299RVA, FAA04299RVC, FAA04299RVD, FAA04299RVE, FAA04299RVG, FAA04299RVH, FAA04299RVJ, FAA04299RVK, FAA04299RVL, FAA04299RVN, FAA04299RVP, FAA04299RVQ, FAA04299RVR, FAA04299RVS, FAA04299RVT, FAA04299RVU, FAA04299RVV, FAA04299RVX, FAA04299RVY, FAA04299SV0, FAA04299SV1, FAA04299SV2, FAA04299SV3, FAA04299SV5, FAA04299SV6, FAA04299SV7, FAA04299SV8, FAA04299SV9, FAA04299SVB, FAA04299SVC, FAA04299SVD, FAA04299SVE, FAA04299SVF, FAA04299SVH, FAA04299SVJ, FAA04299SVL, FAA04299SVM, FAA04299SVN, FAA04299SVP, FAA04299SVQ, FAA04299SVR, FAA04299SVS, FAA04299SVT, FAA04299SVU, FAA04299SVX, FAA04299SVZ, 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FAA04299SZJ, FAA04299SZK, FAA04299SZL, FAA04299SZM, FAA04299SZN, FAA04299SZP, FAA04299SZQ, FAA04299SZR, FAA04299SZS, FAA04299SZT, FAA04299SZU, FAA04299SZV, FAA04299SZX, FAA04299SZY, FAA04299T00, FAA04299T01, FAA04299T02, FAA04299T04, FAA04299T05, FAA04299T06, FAA04299T07, FAA04299T08, FAA04299T0A, FAA04299T0C, FAA04299T0D, FAA04299T0E, FAA04299T0F, FAA04299T0H, FAA04299T0J, FAA04299T0K, FAA04299T0M, FAA04299T0P, FAA04299T0Q, FAA04299T0R, FAA04299T0S, FAA04299T0T, FAA04299T0U, FAA04299T0V, FAA04299T0X, FAA04299T0Y, FAA04299T0Z, FAA04299T10, FAA04299T11, FAA04299T12, FAA04299T14, FAA04299T15, FAA04299T16, FAA04299T17, FAA04299T18, FAA04299T19, FAA04299T1A, FAA04299T1B, FAA04299T1D, FAA04299T1E, FAA04299T1F, FAA04299T1G, FAA04299T1H, FAA04299T1J, FAA04299T1K, FAA04299T1L, FAA04299T1M, FAA04299T1N, FAA04299T1P, FAA04299T1Q, FAA04299T1R, FAA04299T1S, FAA04299T1T, FAA04299T1U, FAA04299T1V, FAA04299T1X, FAA04299T1Y, FAA04299T1Z, FAA04299T21, FAA04299T22, FAA04299T23, FAA04299T25, FAA04299T26, FAA04299T27, FAA04299T28, FAA04299T29, FAA04299T2A, FAA04299T2B, FAA04299T2D, FAA04299T2E, FAA04299T2G, FAA04299T2H, FAA04299T2J, FAA04299T2L, FAA04299T2N, FAA04299T2P, FAA04299T2Q, FAA04299T2R, FAA04299T2S, FAA04299T2T, FAA04299T2U, FAA04299T2V, FAA04299T2X, FAA04299T2Y, FAA04299T2Z, FAA04299T30, FAA04299T31, FAA04299T33, FAA04299T34, FAA04299T35, FAA04299T36, FAA04299T37, FAA04299T38, FAA04299UUF, FAA04299UUJ, FAA04299UUM, FAA04299UV0, FAA04299UV4, FAA04299UV5, FAA04299UV6, FAA04299UV7, FAA04299UV8, FAA04299UV9, FAA04299UVA, FAA04299UVB, FAA04299UVC, FAA04299UVE, FAA04299UVG, FAA04299UVH, FAA04299V03, FAA04299V05, FAA04299V06, FAA04299V07, FAA04299V08, FAA04299V09, FAA04299V0A, FAA04299V0B, FAA04299V0C, FAA04299V1F, FAA04299V1G, FAA04299V1H, FAA04299V1K, FAA04299V1L, FAA04299V1M, FAA04299V1N, FAA04299V1R, FAA04299V1S

Upgrade Program

OC48 ELR Wavelength Tuning

If you have any questions concerning the upgrade program, you can e-mail upgrades-info@cisco.com.

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields.

Company Information
*ZIP/Postal Code
Product *Quantity
Contact Information
*First Name
*Last Name
*Phone 1 Ext.
Fax 1 Ext.
*Internet E-Mail
Please use the following format: user@domain.com
*Upgrade Order Reference Number
Please provide a number that you can use when inquiring about order status
*Serial Numbers of Affected Units 2
1 For phone and fax, include 011 and the country code outside North America.

2 When entering more than one serial number in the serial number text entry field, be sure to type a comma between each serial number to separate them.

For More Information

If you require further assistance, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC). For issues regarding this field notice, Cisco's Optical Transport Business Unit (OTBU) TAC can be reached at (877) 323-7368 or via e-mail at otbu-tac@cisco.com

Updated: Oct 30, 2000 Document ID: 15637

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