Cisco ONS 15200 Command Line Interface Administrator Manual, Release 1.0
Chapter 3, Administrator Commands

Table of Contents

Administrator Commands

Administrator Commands

This chapter lists the different commands in the ONS 15200 Command Line Interface that are available to users logged in as administrators.

3.1 General Commands

commit user                : Commit network change
configure system|user
create user
delete user
display user
exit                       : Exit session
password                   : Set new password
show user
source <filename>          : Run command file
whoami                     : Current user

3.2 Configure System

defrag <dev>               : Defrag file system
exit                       : Exit system mode
format <dev>               : Format file system
fschk <dev>                : Check file system
ipconf [<ipaddr> <mask> <gateway>]: Get/Set ip address
ipfilt add|list|remove|set|commit: Update ip filter
ldboot [<dev> <filename> <count>]: View/Load/Unload boot
list <dev>                 : List files
macaddr                    : System MAC address
page [<len>]               : Set page length
password                   : Set new password
reboot                     : System reboot
remove <dev> <filename>    : Remove files
source <filename>          : Execute a command file
syslog                     : Display system log
time [<yyyy:mm:dd> <hh:mm:ss>]: Get/Set system time
version                    : Display sw and hw version
whoami                     : Current user

3.3 Create/Configure/Display User

cd [<path>]	 	 				              : Change current path
exit                       : Exit configuration mode
list parameter|recurse|value
no suppress|inhibit
suppress [<path>]	 	 				        : Suppress alarm
inhibit [<path>]	 	 				         : Inhibit alarm
upload [<path>]	 	 				          : Synchronize object
whoami                     : Current user