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Cisco at RSAC 2021

Learn how our security solutions reduce complexity with an integrated, open platform.

Keynote speakers

Cisco-sponsored keynote

Join us on Monday, May 17, and hear from Chairman and CEO Chuck Robbins on cybersecurity for an inclusive future.

Keynote talk

Wendy Nather, Cisco Head of Advisory CISOs, and Dr. Wade Baker of Cyentia Institute discuss what makes a security program more successful.

Cisco Secure Experts at RSAC

Hear what our executives and cybersecurity experts have to say.

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Solutions Demos
Cisco Secure Endpoint delivers an enhanced unified client to drive the shift towards SASE, zero trust, and XDR by uniting AnyConnect, Umbrella, and Secure Endpoint into a single client.
Duo can help you seamlessly transition to passwordless security. Build a holistic strategy that reduces authentication friction while simultaneously increasing trust in every authentication.
See new integrations in our SASE solution, including improvements to Umbrella, Umbrella and IPS/IDS integrations, and Umbrella and Viptella integrations.
Our NetWORK Security launch includes a Firewall+Workload integration, which enables the NetOps team to start running at DevOps speed. See our new containerized Secure Firewall Cloud Native for Kubernetes environments, Snort3, SecureX ribbon in FMC, and more.
See the latest developments in Cisco's email security lineup, including SecureX and third-party integrations alongside our cloud-based solution.
Join us for a demonstration of new features in SecureX that increase visibility and simplify workflows for the fastest and easiest extended detection and response.

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Solution Title Description
Duo Passwordless The arrival of passwordless marks a new era in authentication. In this talk, Cisco Duo reviews how access management strategy has evolved. We cover the components of modern access security—specifically, how to incorporate passwordless without forgetting to think about access security holistically.
Cisco Secure Endpoint The shift to remote work rapidly expanded the attack surface. Learn how Cisco Secure Endpoint stops threats before compromise, enabling faster remediation and increasing your SecOps efficiency with our built-in Cisco SecureX platform for a coordinated defense against threats.
Cloud Security More organizations are embracing secure access service edge (SASE) and cloud-based, unified security. Learn about the Cisco Umbrella cloud-delivered firewall with IDPS capabilities, remote browser isolation, data loss prevention, cloud malware detection, and integration with Meraki MX.
Cisco Secure Firewall Cisco is redefining network security, bringing visibility back, and empowering firewall users with dynamic policies for application environments. Learn how the firewall can keep pace with DevOps and the application team and offer threat defense with encrypted traffic, TLS 1.3, and massive log volumes.

Cisco Talos Incident Response Incident response has become a daily occurrence, with many organizations recovering from ransomware incidents or responding to security events such as SolarWinds and Exchange/Hafnium. Cisco Talos Incident Response discusses recent threats and reviews ways to improve your resilience and incident response capability.
Cisco Secure Email We've radically simplified the way email is protected and how companies migrate to the cloud. We enhanced our comprehensive protection to defend against all attack methods with pinpoint accuracy. And we raised the bar on integration with coordinated, multilayered email security controls and the built-in capabilities of SecureX.

ATT&CK, a cyber framework that shows how attackers operate, is gaining traction around the globe. MITRE continually analyzes and catalogs attacker groups, their methods, and their tools. Join us to learn:

  • ATT&CK basics and use cases
  • Getting started without getting overwhelmed
  • Important updates in ATT&CK v8
Cisco Zero Trust In less than five months, Cisco rolled out a zero-trust architecture to over 100,000 users, increasing security and reducing VPN usage. Josephina Fernandez, Director of Security Architecture and Research at Cisco, discusses factors that contributed to the success of the rollout and its overwhelmingly positive reception.

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Cisco Secure Endpoint

Get cloud-delivered protection plus advanced endpoint detection and response across multidomain control points.

Cisco Secure Access by Duo

Validate user identities, continuously verify device trust, and protect every application.

Cisco Umbrella

Try a cloud security service that delivers powerful and reliable security and a fast internet experience. 

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