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FlashStack – Cutting Edge Converged Infrastructure At-a-Glance

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Updated:January 18, 2021

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Updated:January 18, 2021



The challenge: Confidently and easily deploy infrastructure to accelerate your digital business transformation

Digital transformation creates challenges for IT organizations. The need to support distributed organizations and pull information from a wide variety of sources can challenge your organization's efficiency and effectiveness as well as your budget. Add to this your team's responsibility to maintain a powerful and complex environment, and these challenges become magnified.

Every day there is more and more data to process, with most data remaining unmonetized. As more customers, employees, and applications attempt to gain access to data insight in real time, the need to quickly ingest, collect, store, and process data is increasing at a rapid-fire pace—a pace that aging infrastructure even two to three years old simply may not be able to handle. An ideal solution would be to run your traditional enterprise applications as well as emerging technologies on infrastructure that is simple, extensible, reliable, and easy to manage, has excellent performance, can help reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and can speed your Return On Investment (ROI). Such a solution would provide a consistent, policy-based framework that optimizes an application’s performance.

Modernize your data center

Prevalidated for timely, repeatable, and consistent deployments

Accelerate time to results

Simple, no-tradeoff architecture to ensure success

Eliminate silos

Enterprise performance and availability for all workloads

Enable multicloud

Natively extend private to public clouds

Manage seamlessly

Centralized, cloud-based management options

A new approach: FlashStack converged infrastructure

Cisco and Pure Storage deliver FlashStack, a modern converged infrastructure solution that is smarter, simpler, and more efficient and more powerful than ever before. FlashStack is ready for use with virtual machines, containers, and hybrid cloud while retaining the advantages of predictability and efficiency of dedicated compute and storage tiers. With FlashStack, customers can modernize their operational model, stay ahead of business demands and application needs, and protect and secure their applications and data regardless of the deployment model on premises, at the edge, or in the cloud.

FlashStack with FlashArray

      Data center consolidation or hybrid cloud

      Cisco UCS® B-Series Blade Servers or C-Series Rack Servers

      All-Flash block storage

      Fibre Channel or iSCSI

FlashStack with FlashBlade

      Data warehouse, analytics or artificial intelligence

      Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers or C-Series Rack Servers

      All-Flash file and object storage

      Network File System (NFS) or Amazon S3

The FlashStack advantage

      Simple, no-tradeoff architecture that eliminates disparate hardware silos

      Proven, validated interoperability for confident application deployment

      End-to-end NVMe, decreasing latency and increasing CPU utilization

      Cisco MDS 9000 multilayer SAN switches that help lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of storage environments

      High-performance and high-density with Cisco Nexus® 9000 Series Switches

      Converged infrastructure for multi-hypervisor, bare-metal, or container deployments

      Built for the cloud, including full integration with cloud platforms from Cisco, VMware, OpenStack, and others

      Extensible to new workloads such as AI, machine learning, and deep learning in the same management framework

      Offers SaaS management option, with Cisco Intersight, reducing the complexity and effort required to deploy, upgrade, and maintain infrastructure

Architect it once, and adopt new technology without disruption

IT-infrastructure sprawl hinders both the agility needed to adapt to changing business dynamics and the ability to scale on demand. As a result, new technology is slow to deploy, requiring regular and time-consuming changes to data center architectures. FlashStack’s fully modular and nondisruptive architecture abstracts hardware into software for nondisruptive changes that allow customers to seamlessly deploy new technology without having to rearchitect their data center solutions.

Redefine business continuity and disaster recovery

Business continuity is a major requirement for most enterprises, regardless of size. FlashStack delivers high availability by leveraging Cisco® and Pure technologies: Cisco UCS, Cisco Nexus switching with ACI Anywhere, and Purity ActiveCluster, used together, provide these capabilities.

Purity ActiveCluster enables live migration between any two FlashStack systems, or rack-level high-availability clustering of four controllers for maximum resilience. Purity ActiveCluster really shines in a metropolitan use case: simply take a running volume and “stretch” it between two sites up to 50 miles apart, with zero additional configuration required. Finally, Purity ActiveCluster is fully integrated with asynchronous snapshot replication, enabling a third replication-copy to be set to a data center anywhere on the globe.




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