Cisco Enhanced Power over Ethernet

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Extending Power over Ethernet Beyond 15.4W per Port

Cisco Enhanced Power over Ethernet is a new innovation for the campus communications fabric that enables new network solutions by making it simpler to deploy new technologies, and by offering more flexible options for deploying those technologies. This accelerates deployment of applications and services, thus maximizing investment protection.

Meeting the needs of customers with an immediate requirement for PoE in excess of 15.4W per port, Cisco delivers an industry first, an extension to 802.3af, called Cisco Enhanced PoE. Delivering between 15.4W and 20 Watts per port, Cisco Enhanced PoE enables new technologies that require greater than the 15.4W per port described by the 802.3af standard to function at full capability with 802.11n access points such as the Cisco Aironet 1250 Series.

  • Cisco Enhanced PoE is implemented via software upgrade to select Cisco Catalyst switches, giving customers the investment protection they need to implement the latest network technologies as needed.
  • Switches that support Cisco Enhanced PoE use Cisco Discovery Protocol to auto-negotiate a power level in excess of 15.4W per port.
  • The Cisco Enhanced PoE switch informs the powered device (PD) of the power level it is capable of providing, and the powered device then selects the appropriate power level.

Cisco Enhanced PoE is supported on a range of switches across the entire Catalyst switching portfolio, including the Catalyst 6500, the Catalyst 4500 E-Series, the Catalyst 3750-E and Catalyst 3560-E switch portfolios.

Cisco Enhanced PoE Solutions

Cisco Enhanced PoE solutions deliver high-capacity, flexible solutions for next-generation services and applications targeted for the medical field, manufacturing, entertainment, retail, and other industries.

Featured Solution - Mobility

Cisco Enhanced PoE enables single-port support for 802.11n access points, such as Cisco's 802.11n Aironet 1250 Series access point, bringing tight integration between wired and wireless platforms. The combination of ePoE and the Cisco's Aironet 1250 Series offers the industry's only integrated 802.11n solution with the deployment simplicity of full power from a single switch port.
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Supported Switches

Catalyst 6500 and Catalyst 6500-E
Maximize network value by providing complete support for business requirements while delivering superior investment protection.

Catalyst 4500 and Catalyst 4500-E
Improve enterprise productivity by optimizing network resiliency, security and power with high return on investment for network equipment.

Catalyst 3750-E
Deploy secure converged applications while maximizing investment protection for your evolving network and application requirements.

Catalyst 3560-E
Enhance productivity and protect investment as the network evolves and application requirements increase.