Notice: Effective February 5, 2024, Cisco's End User License Agreement (EULA) has been replaced with Cisco's General Terms.

Cisco Customer Contract Experience

Find the terms that apply to your use of Cisco Offers and Cisco Services.

Understanding Cisco's contracts

Cisco Offers

When you purchase a Cisco Offer, one or more sets of terms will apply to you: General Terms, Supplemental Terms, and Offer Descriptions. See the tabs below to learn about the various types of contract terms.​

Contract Terms

​​General Terms​

Cisco's General Terms (PDF) are the base terms that apply to all Cisco hardware, software, cloud services, subscriptions, and technical support and maintenance included in a Cisco Offer. These General Terms replace Cisco's End User License Agreement (EULA).

General Terms

Supplemental Terms

Supplemental Terms apply in certain countries (namely, Australia, Italy, and Japan), to specific types of Cisco Offers (e.g., hardware as a service), or for buying programs.

Supplemental Terms

Offer Descriptions

Offer Descriptions apply to certain Cisco Offers, and they provide essential product-specific information such as unique use terms, support, and where to find data protection materials.

Offer Descriptions

Cisco Services and Buying Programs

Cisco Services

If you are purchasing a Cisco service that is not part of a Cisco subscription offering, visit our Service Descriptions page to learn more.

Cisco Buying Programs

Learn about our enterprisewide programs for software and cloud services.

How to buy Cisco Offers and Cisco Services

Please contact your Cisco partner to place orders or ask questions about Cisco Offers and Cisco Services.

Related contract resources

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Older versions of Cisco terms

For easy reference, we maintain an archive of previous versions of Cisco's contract terms.