Services for Unified Computing

Drive faster data center transformation

Accelerate adoption of your UCS solution. Through expert advice, proven processes, innovative methodologies, and services quality across the IT lifecycle, we help you automate end-to-end IT processes and simplify management across software, applications, and infrastructure.

Create a highly effective data center

Drive agility

Increase efficiency

Reduce risk

Advisory Services

Create a foundation for success. We work with you to understand where you want to take your data center and how Cisco Services for UCS can help. Then we build a roadmap with predictive steps to get you there.

UCS Architecture Assessment (PDF)

Identify objectives and map to key industry best practices through consultations.

Data Center Migration

Accelerate your data center transformation while minimizing risk.

Implementation Services

Our Cisco Services for UCS can help you create an agile infrastructure, speed time-to-value, reduce deployment cost and risks, and maintain availability during deployment and migration.

UCS Preproduction Pilot

Cisco experts conduct a preproduction pilot in your environment to help validate that the project will deliver the best business and technical results.

UCS Accelerated Deployment

Scale implementation to bring your project into production faster. 

Optimization Services

UCS Optimization Services At-a-glance (PDF)

Improve performance, availability, and resiliency as your business needs evolve.

Managed Services

Managed Services for Data Center

With proven strategies and a proactive management approach, we help you accelerate new technology adoptions, enhance operational efficiency, and minimize downtime – leaving you free to focus on driving business value.

Technical Services

Smart Net Total Care

Utilize TAC support and tools to keep your data center running efficiently and securely.

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