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Software benefits

Seamless cloud migration

Virtual MX provides simple configuration of site-to-site Auto VPN for customers running or migrating IT services to a virtual private cloud.

500 Mbps of VPN throughput

Virtual MX provides ample bandwidth for mission-critical IT services hosted in Amazon Web Services or Azure.

Secure virtual connections

Secure connections built to a virtual MX benefit from the same SD-WAN capabilities as a physical MX appliance.

Easy deployment

Virtual MX is deployed on an AWS EC2 instance or Azure VM and configured in the Meraki dashboard, just like any other MX. 

Customer stories

Miami-Dade Public Library System

“[Meraki's] analytics is a bonus on top of the simplified management, excellent video quality, and easy installation.”
-Julio Campa, Systems Support Manager, Miami-Dade Public Library System

Orange Sky Australia

“Just getting the Cisco Meraki access points installed was a massive plus; we immediately noticed a significant difference in speed and in our own productivity.”
- Lucas Patchett, Co-Founder, Orange Sky Australia

Excelsior Palace Hotel

“Combining all Meraki products not only allows for a unique visibility into our networks, but also makes it much simpler to customize settings for our need.” 

-Aldo Werdin, Managing Director and General Manager, Excelsior Palace Hotel