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Cisco 2020 CISO Benchmark Report

Announcing the new 2020 report: Securing What's Now and What's Next.

Key findings from the report

The CISO Benchmark Report is based on a double-blind study of 2800 global participants conducted in late 2019. The findings from this study, along with expertise from our own CISO Advisors, offer best practices, insights to breach impacts, and trends on security technologies.


To reduce complexity, vendor consolidation is rising, with 86% of organizations now using 20 vendors or less.


Cyber fatigue rose by 12% this year, to 42% of respondents, with multivendor environments contributing to the trend.


At 55%, cost efficiency is the primary reason why organizations outsource.


Voluntary breach disclosure is at an all-time high at 61%.

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Cisco Cybersecurity Report Series

Our new 2020 report looks at securing what's now and what's next.

Executive summary

Steve Martino, Senior Vice President and CISO at  Cisco, announces the 2020 CISO Benchmark Report.

Find out how to protect your organization from an ever-changing threat landscape.

Watch David Lewis, a Cisco Advisory CISO, discuss report findings on the conference show floor.