Case Study: EastLake Community Church

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Case Study: EastLake Community Church


  • Upgrade existing consumer-grade wireless to a reliable, high-capacity bring-your-own-device (BYOD) network
  • Connect remote church locations


  • Establish a reliable, business-class wireless network using Cisco midmarket network solutions
  • Reduce complexity using Cisco management solutions


  • Reduced network complexity with a single management device for wired and wireless
  • Encouraged involvement from volunteers despite varying levels of IT knowledge
  • Increased network capacity, supporting thousands of guests during events
  • Achieved potential savings of US$2000 per month by eliminating wireless hotspots at setup and teardown campuses

The Cisco 2600 Access Points gave us reliable coverageā€¦supporting 2800 people and their smartphones without any problems.
- David Zazzo
IT Director, EastLake Community Church