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Online Privacy: Protecting You and Your Family


The privacy portal is dedicated to sharing our "Privacy and Security Compliance Journey" with customers, partners and colleagues.

Today most information and services from the web are free. They are free because websites generate revenue from selling ads and providing information about your web usage to advertisers. So what would happen if we all stopped allowing website operators to collect or use our information to deliver advertising offers for products we prefer or provide us information about topics of interest to us? And conversely, how much of our privacy are we willing to relinquish in order to benefit from a more personalized web experience?

As more data is moving online and consumers are more concerned about the privacy and security of their data, it is imperative that companies focus their efforts on safeguarding this data. At Cisco, we work hard to gain and maintain our customer trust and confidence and is not something we ever want to take for granted.
Van Dang, VP, Law & Deputy General Counsel

Your concerns probably center on:

  • Loss or theft of your identity, which could result in the denial of employment, insurance, or medical coverage
  • Disclosure or misuse of your personal, private information
  • Governmental intrusion on your pursuit of liberty, autonomy, and tranquility

All of these are reasonable and real concerns. As consumers of the Internet, however, we need to ensure that we educate ourselves. We each need to make decisions about how much privacy to give up to get the benefit of a better and more vibrant web experience. What is the right balance for you or your family. Learning how to protect you and your family's privacy online is important to you and Cisco.

To help you feel more comfortable using the web, Cisco has developed a white paper intended to help you make an informed choice about your privacy. This white paper discusses:

  • Why websites want to collect information about you
  • How they do it
  • How you can browse the Internet anonymously
  • What resources are available to help you obtain information about how to protect your and your children’s privacy, secure your identity against theft, fight spam, and more.

If you have questions about Cisco's Privacy Policies, view the Privacy Statement at the bottom of any webpage. Email us with further questions.

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