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Countdown to the General Data Protection Regulation. Find out how we are protecting your data, all over the world.

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Our journey to trust starts with protecting the Cisco enterprise

Our journey to trust starts with protecting the Cisco enterprise

Trust principles



Commitment to securing and protecting our customers and their data.



Access to security vulnerability information, published data and breach notifications, and follows global standards.



Verification and validation of the trustworthiness of our products and services.

How we protect your privacy and data



Pervasive security requires employees, vendors, partners, and customers to understand their role in the cybersecurity equation.



Cisco continually invests in security and resilience innovations that help to mitigate today’s advanced threats.



Embedding processes into the business helps us identify vulnerabilities and remediate issues quickly.



Our policies are designed to protect your organization and investments across people, processes, and technology.

Built-in security

Cisco embeds security across processes and technology to provide a trustworthy network foundation.

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Data protection and privacy

Our data protection program

Our data protection program

Learn about our comprehensive, enterprise-wide strategy for protecting data assets. 

See who is requesting your data

See who is requesting your data

Our Transparency Report shows customer data requests from law enforcement and national security agencies.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

See how Cisco is preparing for GDPR and get tips on readiness.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Feature

Dissecting a Breach: An Incident Responder's Perspective Webinar

Join experienced Cisco incident responders to gain technical and practical insight you can incorporate into your own incident response plan to reduce impact.

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Thought leadership

Research, blogs, and insights on cybersecurity trends and challenges from our experts.

Meet the experts


Anthony Grieco

Sr. Director
Trust Strategy Officer

Get insight on how we embed security, trust, data protection, and privacy in to our future strategies.

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Michelle Dennedy

VP, Chief Privacy Officer

Stay up to date on policy, practice, and tools that promote privacy, quality, integrity, respect, and data protection.

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Steve Martino

Chief Information Security Officer

See how our CISO leads innovation and drives adoption of the most effective security technologies and policies.

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Edna Conway

Chief Security Officer
Global Value Chain

Learn how we push Cisco’s value chain cyber and security protection plan through our suppliers and channel partners.

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News and events

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Security as a Strategic Imperative

Learn the two cybersecurity fundamentals every organization should focus on.

Privacy sigma riders podcasts

Privacy sigma riders podcasts

Explore cybersecurity, data protection and privacy with experts and innovators.

Bridging the Security Gap in the Internet of Things

Why preventing IoT attacks isn't just the responsibility of security experts

Our Trust Strategy Officer explains how you need to take a deeper look at handling Internet of Things cybersecurity.