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Bridging the Cyber Skills Gap

Introducing the new face of security

A look back at the 2019 Women in CyberSecurity Conference. Energized, engaged, and empowered – this is the new face of cybersecurity.


Close the Skills Gap

Execute on a local level but share best practices on a global level.

Cisco women in cybersecurity share their diverse career paths, challenges and lessons learned. We also hear from some of their colleagues who have inspired and helped them along their journeys. Read their blogs. 

Cisco and Her Spark: Building Bright Minds of the Future

It’s mission is to give high school girls the skills and tools they need to succeed in a world where careers in STEM are growing exponentially.

A Case for the Liberal Arts in Cybersecurity

As a Global Threat Analyst, I provide intelligence analysis to senior executives and security teams at Cisco. People frequently ask me how I got such an interesting job.

Thinking About a Cyber Career? Just Jump In

If you care about cyber security and you’re willing to work hard, we need you. Yes, YOU. The cybersecurity challenge is huge and there is a great need for people with diverse backgrounds to help solve it. Your path can originate in different places.

Enrolling More Women in Cyber Engineering

Everyone who works at Cisco knows that we encourage, promote and value a diverse workforce. Supporting women is an important part of that effort. The difference in tangible support from ten years ago to today is profound across the company.

The Cybersecurity Journey – Always Changing, Always Growing

A career in this continually evolving field must be just that: organic. It has to become part of your daily practice! 

Reaping the Diversity Dividend

Cisco’s Women in Cyber initiative is incredibly important. It’s all about the most important aspect of problem solving: bringing diversity of thinking to a team and to a problem—unique perspectives that we would otherwise not have because of the biases we bring from our own backgrounds.

Curiosity, Exploration and Community – How I Paved my Own Path to a Cybersecurity Career

Creativity and problem-solving skills are the most essential to have; everything else can be taught.

Broadening the Art of the Possible Through Diversity

Every business, government agency, educational institution, organization and team can benefit from diverse viewpoints.

Shaping a Diverse and Stronger Cybersecurity Industry

The Women in Cybersecurity Community is a torch of Cisco’s efforts to drive gender diversity and carve paths for women to take on cybersecurity careers and excel in their journeys, ultimately shaping a stronger cybersecurity team and industry.

For Women in Cybersecurity, Possibilities are Endless

For women just starting college or looking to make a career change, cybersecurity offers a range of jobs suitable for the most technical savvy to communication experts.

How to Increase the Presence – and Impact – of Women in Cybersecurity

Benchmark study shows mature, effective privacy practices yield greater competitive advantage and lower risk.

The Ecosystem of Women in Cybersecurity – A Key to our Future!

Digitization is driving each of us across all industries to make dramatic changes to how we approach customers, products, services, and the always-on, real-time information rich marketplace.

The Power of Role Models and a Good Book

My path to cybersecurity looks more like a winding road than a straight line, but it’s the influential role models and valuable information I consumed with every turn that paved my path towards a career in cybersecurity – specifically privacy.

Cisco Takes Exclusivity Out of Cybersecurity

Nearly half of the global workforce is female, yet women hold only 11 percent of IT and cybersecurity positions.

When Women Happen to Things, Things Happen

Every new technology opens the door for greater expansion and innovation while also breeding new challenges to solve, including security and privacy.