Cisco Universal Cloud Terms

The Cisco Universal Cloud Terms and relative offer descriptions listed below govern your access to and receipt of Cisco hosted software-as-a-service offers. You should carefully read the terms for the applicable offer.

The Cisco UCA is available in the following languages:







Offer Descriptions

Offer Family Offer Description Doc
Cisco On Demand Cisco On Demand Service Description (PDF - 219 KB) EDM-121263487
Cisco Smart + CDP
Cisco Smart + Connected Digital Platform
Cisco Spark Cisco Spark Offer Description (PDF - 168 KB) EDM-122829701
Cisco WebEx Active User Subscription Service (PDF - 282 KB) EDM-114853838
Cisco WebEx Employee Count Subscription Service (PDF - 274 KB) EDM-114853855
Cisco WebEx Named User Subscription Service (PDF - 300 KB) EDM-105524473
Cisco WebEx Named User Subscription Service for SMB (PDF - 299 KB) EDM-119658399
Cisco WebEx Ports Subscription Service (PDF - 251 KB) EDM-115358774
Cisco WebEx HCS WebEx Named User Subscription Service EDM-121787707
Cisco WebEx Higher Education Employee Count Subscription Service EDM-122032100
Cisco WebEx Webcasting Offer Description EDM-123130972
Energy Management Cisco Advanced Energy Management as a Service (Advanced EMaaS) (PDF - 349 KB) EDM-119874557
Energy Management Cisco Foundation Energy Management as a Service (Foundation EMaaS) (PDF - 220 KB) EDM-119874558
Energy Management Cisco Standard Energy Management as a Service (Standard EMaaS) (PDF - 347 KB) EDM-119874559
Energy Management Cisco Local Energy Management as a Service (Local EMaaS) (PDF - 242 KB) EDM-119970140
Enterprise Networking Cisco PnP Connect EDM-123123705
Enterprise Mobility Services Platform Enterprise Mobility Services Platform Offer Description (PDF - 180 KB) EDM-120626500
Infinite Video Infinite Video for Over the Top (OTT) Offer Description (PDF - 303 KB) EDM-123013541
Metacloud Cisco Metacloud Service Description (PDF - 487 KB) EDM-121158837
Cisco Cloud Security AMP, Threat Grid, CTA, CDO, Umbrella and Cloudlock (PDF - 175 KB) EDM-123011902
Cisco Cloud Security Cloud Web Security Service (CWS; f/k/a ScanSafe) (PDF - 218 KB) EDM-112344946
ServiceGrid Cisco ServiceGrid (PDF - 242 KB) EDM-121715057
ServiceGrid ServiceGrid Smart Bonding for Technical Services (PDF - 219 KB) EDM-122461740
Connected Mobile Experience Cloud Connected Mobile Experiences Cloud (CMX Cloud) (PDF - 209 KB) EDM-121749375
Cisco Cloud Security Cloud Email Security Service (CES)/Cisco Registered Envelope Service (CRES) (PDF - 188 KB) EDM-122865655
Context Service Context Service Offering Description EDM-122551013
Cisco Collaborative Knowledge MS Cisco Collaborative Knowledge Managed Service EDM-122448239

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