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Case Study: Experian

Cisco ACI provides Experian the foundation for global data center connectivity

Experian, a global leader in consumer and business credit reporting and marketing services with clients in more than 80 countries, chose to standardize on Cisco ACI and the Nexus 9000 as its data center fabric. As a result, this solution enabled flexible scale, global data center connectivity, increased IT efficiency and agility, and delivered an end-to-end automated data center.



  • Eliminate siloed legacy data center networks dispersed across the globe
  • Increase data center scalability and reliability across the globe
  • Increase security and provide improved infrastructure and traffic visibility
  • Simplify data center operations and management


  • Highly reliable network fabric providing scalable growth in the future
  • Automated data center environment simplifying operations and increasing performance and scale
  • Improved security posture with tenant and workload segmentation
  • Consistent policy across a converged physical and virtual environment

What they’re saying

We’re putting more workloads onto ACI, we’re implementing more automation, and we’re extending the fabric to our other data centers. It’s different, and it’s very exciting.

Robert Abner, Senior Network Engineer

Who is Experian ?

Industry: Information Services 
Location: Dublin, Ireland 
Company Size: 17,000
Website: http://www.experian.com