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Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0BT

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Early Deployment (ED) Release Summary


The Cisco IOS® Software 11.0BT release train was introduced in October 1997 to deliver functionality for IBM Internetworking on the Cisco 7000 and the Cisco 7500 series routers. Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0BT includes all Cisco IOS features found in Cisco IOS 11.0 releases up to Cisco IOS 11.0(10), plus the IBM features, including the Channel Interface Processor (CIP and CIP2) and TN3270 features. Although no new functionality is being added to Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0BT, it continues to live and deliver regular maintenance releases with bug fixes. For more information, see the following pages:

Target Market

The target market is Enterprise SNA.

Product Support

Series Software Product Number Image Name/Feature Sets
Cisco 7500 Pricing Tool
Enterprise/CIP2 (gs7-k2-mz)
Cisco 7000 with RSP7000 Pricing Tool
Same as Cisco 7500 images

Related Cisco IOS Releases

  • Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0BT is based on Cisco IOS 11.0.
  • Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0(10)BT is the first release for Cisco IOS 11.0BT and is based on Cisco IOS 11.0(10)P.
  • Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0BT synchronizes all software defects from each Cisco IOS 11.0 maintenance release and interim build.

Product/Feature Integration

Maintenance Releases

Interim Builds

Interim builds are not recommended and are not fully tested. Customers will only be provided with interim builds when a critical defect renders the maintenance release unusable. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

7-week maintenance cycle: Regularly scheduled maintenance/interim builds.
13-week maintenance cycle: On a 13-week maintenance build until end of engineering (EOE).

Maintenance Release Synchronization Points

Recommended Migration

The logical migration path is Cisco IOS Software 11.2B, 12.0, or 12.0T.

The migration path is the logical superseding software. The uniqueness of each network requires that customers verify support for hardware, features, and protocols prior to a network upgrade.

Year 2000 (Y2K) Compliant

Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0BT is Y2K compliant. Development testing has integrated the standard Y2K test script into each maintenance test.

General Deployment (GD) Plan

Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0BT is an ED release offering new features, platforms, or interface support. Cisco IOS 11.0BT is not targeted for GD release.

Life Cycle

Cisco IOS Software Release 11.0BT is tentatively scheduled to reach EOE in December 1998 with Cisco IOS 11.0(22)BT. EOE indicates that regularly scheduled maintenance releases will no longer occur.


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