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Video Conferencing

Learn the benefits of scalable, high-quality video-conferencing infrastructure for midmarket and larger organizations.

Overview: Video Conferencing


Cisco Meeting Server

  • Invite anyone to your meeting, from mobile device, desktop, or room system.
  • Extend your meeting to include any number of participants.
  • Manage costs with bandwidth optimization.
  • Simplify purchasing with all-in-one user-based licensing.

Cisco TelePresence Server

  • High-quality, flexible, 360p-to-full-HD multiparty conferencing
  • Flexible deployment and virtualized options
  • Compatible with standards-based, third-party endpoints

Cisco TelePresence Conductor

  • A simplified, more cost-effective conferencing experience
  • Resource allocation for optimal multipoint conferencing
  • Conference virtualization and personalization

Cisco TelePresence Content Server

  • Capture video and presentations for live streaming and on-demand viewing
  • Do basic video editing and sharing with a simple web interface
  • Integrate with leading corporate and education portals

Web Conferencing

Meet over the web in real time with anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Overview: Web Conferencing


Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

  • Build relationships meeting with video conferencing
  • Present, share, and collaborate to accelerate decisions
  • Use personal, always-available meeting rooms

WebEx Event Center

  • Create highly engaging webinars and web events
  • Manage events end to end, from invitation to follow up
  • Qualify, track, and cultivate leads for sales pipeline
  • Generate revenue for live and recorded events with e-commerce

Cisco WebEx Meetings Server

  • Deploy WebEx on a highly secure, private cloud (on-premises)
  • Get audio, video, and web in an all-in-one conferencing solution
  • Extend IP telephony to conferencing

Conferencing Management

Improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime with solutions for management and scheduling.


Cisco TelePresence Management Suite

  • Centralized management for infrastructure and endpoints
  • Microsoft Exchange integration
  • One-button-to-push functionality
  • Scheduling and provisioning extensions

Cisco TelePresence MCU Conference Director

  • View and manage conferences in real time
  • Access simple, scalable creation, control, and monitoring
  • Simplify management with an intuitive interface

Conferencing, Anywhere

Get scalable web and video conferencing, when and how you need it.

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