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High-quality, scalable, web and video conferencing support intuitive user experiences.

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    Video Conferencing

    Get scalable, high-quality conferencing for mid-market and larger enterprise customers.

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      Cisco TelePresence Server

      • Implement high-quality, flexible, 360p-to-full-HD multiparty conferencing and collaboration with Cisco ActivePresence and Cisco ClearPath
      • Choose from flexible deployment options (chassis or appliance) as well as virtualized options
      • Join meetings from WebEx Meeting Center clients or telepresence systems
      • Support Cisco Pervasive Conferencing through key product capabilities
      • Make multipoint calls; compatible with standards-based, third-party endpoints
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      Cisco TelePresence Conductor

      • Simplify telepresence conferencing and support an easier, smarter, more cost-effective experience
      • Use Intelligent TelePresence Server and Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) resource allocation for optimal multipoint conferencing
      • Benefit from conference virtualization and personalization
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      Cisco TelePresence Content Server

      • Capture video and presentations for live streaming and on-demand viewing
      • Combine with Cisco TelePresence or third-party standards-based video endpoints as preferred
      • Support Active Directory authentication through Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
      • Allow for basic video editing and sharing functionality using a simple web interface
      • Integrate with leading corporate and education web 2.0 portals
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    Web Conferencing

    Meet over the web in real time with anyone, anywhere, on any device.

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      Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

      • Meet with anyone online to present, share, and collaborate
      • Accelerate decisions, keep projects on track and exchange ideas
      • Use on multiple platforms and mobile devices
      • Keep connected on the go from any device or location
      • Use any standards based video device, with personal, always-available meeting rooms
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      Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Cloud

      • A cloud-based video collaboration service
      • Provides seamless video bridging for all standards-based video devices
      • Host meetings in your always available WebEx Personal Room
      • Share your unique personal meeting ID that never changes
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      Cisco WebEx Meetings Server

      • Deploy WebEx technology on a highly secure, private cloud (on-premises)
      • Incorporate audio, video, and web conferencing in this all-in-one conferencing solution
      • Experience the same great WebEx user interface and features on iPad and iPhone clients
      • Extend IP telephony to conferencing
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    Conferencing Management

    Improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime, using leading products and solutions for management and scheduling.

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      Cisco Prime Collaboration

      • Simplify management of unified communications and video collaboration networks
      • Help ensure a high quality of service, minimal system outages, and timely issue resolution
      • Speed site rollouts and reduce time and expertise required to manage network changes
      • Lower TCO with automated processes and tools for provisioning, assurance, and long-term trending and analytics
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      Cisco TelePresence Management Suite

      • Facilitates user and CMR provisioning, securely with minimal end user configuration
      • Perform mass provisioning with automated phonebook services and software upgrades
      • Get support for multiple vendor offerings
      • Integrate Microsoft Exchange and one-button-to-push functionality
      • Implement product extensions for scheduling and provisioning
      • Benefit from centralized management for telepresence infrastructure and endpoints
  • Easy Voice and Video Management

    Discover the benefits of Cisco Prime Collaboration for your network. (5:41 min)

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    Web Conferencing Security

    Unleash the power of highly secure, real-time collaboration.

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