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  • data-center-management-and-automation

    Data Center Management and Automation

    Increase efficiency with IT automation products that save time, provide clear visibility, and strengthen control over operations.

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      Cisco UCS Director

      • Delivers IT efficiency to better support business strategy
      • Shared infrastructure policies and resource pools speed deployment time
      • Seamless physical, virtual and bare metal infrastructure support
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      Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager

      • Multiprotocol management of storage and Ethernet networks
      • Troubleshooting of health and performance of Cisco Nexus and Cisco MDS switches
      • Simplified wizard- and template-based configuration and provisioning
      • Dashboard- and report-based resource management
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      Cisco Network Services Manager

      • Creation of different levels of service capability or “service tiers” for tenant use
      • Definition of the capabilities and resources available in each tier
      • Structuring of a system of “containment” tailored to deployment model needs
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      Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler

      • Eliminates errors and delays caused by multiple job scheduling tools
      • Establishes a single job scheduling standard for the enterprise
      • Provides broad platform application coverage
      • Automatically executes and tracks scheduled processes
    • Cisco-Process-Orchestrator

      Cisco Process Orchestrator

      • Provides a single platform for automating IT Processes
      • Supports best practices for many popular technologies
      • Makes automation easier through a visual workflow developement environment
    • manage_my_services

      Cisco Prime Service Catalog

      • Deploy an end-user service catalog for both cloud computing and workplace IT use cases
      • Improve efficiency, ensure governance, and increase end-user satisfaction with IT service delivery
    • AN91745_10_80

      Cisco ONE Controllers and Applications

      Simplify and automate application-centric network provisioning and configuration through the programmability and open APIs of Cisco ONE controllers.

      • al77695_1

        Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC)

        • Unifying point of automation and management for the Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) fabric
        • Open architecture (open APIs and standards) to integrate Layer 4 - 7 service, virtualization, and management vendors
        • Intelligent telemetry and visibility for applications and tenants
        • Provides security for multitenant environments at scale
        • A common policy platform for physical, virtual, and cloud networking
      • xnc_10_80

        Cisco Extensible Network Controller (XNC)

        • An extensible modular architecture
        • Network programmability, visibility, and troubleshooting
        • Cluster-based, high-availability support and scalability
        • Consistent management access through the GUI, or through Java OSGI or REST northbound APIs
        • End-to-end forwarding rules programming, and flow-level visibility for statistics and troubleshooting
    • network-management-for-it-organizations

      Network Management for IT Organizations

      Improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime, using class-leading products and solutions for managing an enterprise network.

      • prime_ip_100x80

        Cisco Prime IP Express

        • Simplifies IP-address management with an intuitive, automated system
        • Enhances network reliability through support for DNS High Availability, DHCP failover, and avalanche protection
        • Provides security with support for DNSSEC to protect against cache poisoning and other common DNS vulnerabilities
        • Lowers operating expenses through centralized management, reuse of Microsoft AD and an integrated BYOD portal
      • prod_vnam_100x80

        Cisco Prime Virtual Network Analysis Module (vNAM)

        • Offers massive deployment flexibility
        • Provides consistent visibility in physical, virtual, and cloud environments
        • Helps improve operational agility, permitting rapid responses to new business demands
        • Installs on x86 platforms with ESXi and KVM virtualization infrastructures
      • prime_infrastructure_small

        Cisco Prime Infrastructure

        • Helps enable converged lifecycle management
        • Ideal for wired and wireless access, plus campus and branch networks
        • Provides application assurance visibility and troubleshooting
        • Supports faster, easier deployment, provisioning, and troubleshooting
        • Simplifies compliance auditing
      • PC105

        Cisco Prime Collaboration

        • Simplifies management of Cisco Unified Communications and video collaboration networks
        • Helps to ensure a high quality of service, minimal system outages, and timely issue resolution
        • Speeds Cisco Unified Communications site rollouts and reduces time and expertise to manage network changes
        • Lowers total cost of ownership with automated processes and tools for provisioning, assurance, and long-term trending and analytics
      • n7k_small

        Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Network Analysis Module (NAM-NX1)

        • Integrated in the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series
        • Meets the rigorous performance demands of the data center
        • Delivers application visibility, network analytics, and troubleshooting
        • Eliminates blind spots with visibility into overlay technologies
        • Optimizes resource use, simplifies network operations, and enhances services delivery
    • oss-network-management-for-service-providers

      OSS and Network Management for Service Providers

      Help maximize efficiencies in operations, management and fulfillment of carrier-class services, supporting advanced networks.

      • nt_registrar

        Cisco Prime Network Registrar

        • Provides integrated, scalable DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (IPAM)
        • Helps automate and manage the transition from IPv4 to IPv6
        • Provides reliability with DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 failover and avalanche prevention
        • Centralizes and automates management of IP address space and DNS and DHCP servers
      • analytics_100x80

        Cisco Prime Analytics

        • Offers high-performance, real-time analytics with high scalability and low latency
        • Provides superior collection with network-ready adapters and interfaces to multiple data sources
        • Features customizable live dashboards and historical reporting
        • Provides reliability with high availability, failover, and online backup and restore
      • pcm

        Cisco Prime Carrier Management

        • Increases efficiencies in the lifecycle management of IP next-generation networks and services through a powerful, integrated approach to executing operational tasks
        • Reduces total cost of ownership through one complete solution optimized for multi-domain networks and multivendor deployment scenarios
        • Enhances end customer experience through advanced tools that enable proactive service assurance
      • cable_provisioning_small

        Cisco Prime Cable Provisioning

        • Automated identification, unique configuration, and management of residential CPE devices
        • Fast, efficient provisioning of subscriber services for accelerated activation
        • High reliability through a distributed architecture and failover support
        • Scalability - supporting more than 50 million devices in a single customer deployment
      • cisco_prime_access

        Cisco Prime Access Registrar

        • Carrier class solution for RADIUS/Diameter AAA services
        • Supports a broad range of wireless and wireline access technologies
        • Extensibility: Extremely customizable and flexible to meet unique business, regulatory, and technical requirements.
        • Scalability: supports tens of millions of simultaneous active sessions
      • ciscoprime_small

        Cisco Prime Home

        • Automated remote management of connected home devices, including zero-touch provisioning, configuration, and software upgrades
        • Real-time problem diagnosis and troubleshooting for both service providers and consumers
        • Increased revenues through consumer services, including managed Wi-Fi, managed firewall, and parental controls
        • An analytics engine for greater visibility into home network usage and characteristics
    • network-management-for-small-businesses

      Network Management for Small Businesses

      Find network management products and services tailored for businesses with 250 or fewer employees.

      • small photo

        Cisco Configuration Professional

        • Helps link users, dialing plans, and voicemail settings
        • Promotes troubleshooting of WAN and VPN connectivity
        • Delivers innovative voice and security auditing capabilities
        • Facilitates monitoring of router status and One-click lockdown

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