Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Unified Wireless and Wired Lifecycle and Assurance Management

Cisco Prime Infrastructure is the One Management solution for wireless and wired lifecycle management and application visibility. It brings device management capabilities into operational monitoring workflows to empower IT departments to more effectively manage their network as well as the services the network delivers.

Comprehensive Lifecycle Management and Assurance

Comprehensive Lifecycle Management and Assurance

Improve Application Delivery and End-User Experience.

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Unified Access One Management

Unified Access One Management

Integrate and operate the unified access infrastructure to unlock the business value of the network, and enable operational excellence.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco Prime Infrastructure provides these features:

Single Pane of Glass

This single, unified solution delivers wired and wireless lifecycle management and application visibility, security and policy monitoring and troubleshooting with the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), and location and tracking of mobility devices with the Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE).It offers network, device, application, and user management-all in one.

Converged Access Management

This includes support for 802.11ac, correlated wired-wireless client visibility and views of the end-user landscape, integrated access infrastructure visibility, spatial maps, lifecycle management, RF prediction tools for planning and operations, and more. It simplifies the management of the wireless infrastructure while solving problems faster and with fewer resources.

Product Consolidation

Consolidation of management products helps IT organizations significantly reduce the number of tools required to manage their network, lowering operational costs and increasing productivity. This allows IT to spend more time delivering innovation and differentiation that transforms the business.

Application Visibility

Tight coupling of network, device, and client awareness with application visibility provides critical information on how and what the end-user is accessing to help deliver an uncompromised application experience.

Task-Oriented, Cross-Functional Views

Streamlined workflows facilitate design, deployment, and operational lifecycle tasks that align with user roles. Contextual dashboards and 360-degree views display only the most relevant information for fast and efficient management and remediation.

Integration with Cisco Knowledge Base

Integration helps to ensure optimal service, support and product updates and to improve network design, management, and troubleshooting.

Ongoing support of New Cisco Devices and Software Releases

Device Packs provide support parity within each device family, eliminating gaps in management operations, especially when it comes to service availability and troubleshooting.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure is built with scalability and extensibility in mind. It can manage global enterprise networks that have thousands of network devices and hundreds of thousands of access devices. It can also manage much smaller commercial networks with the same level of control and resiliency. In addition, it provides powerful REST-based APIs that help IT and service organizations gather and distribute network information for operations, capacity planning, automation, and business intelligence.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure is an integral component of the Cisco Unified Access platform.

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