Cisco UCS Director

Unify Converged Infrastructure Management

Whether deploying converged infrastructure solutions built around the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and Cisco Nexus solutions, or using multivendor infrastructures, you need Cisco UCS Director. Critical to increasing efficiency, it delivers unified converged infrastructure management for administering computing, network, virtualization, and storage from one self-service web interface. Sign up for a live technical demo and download an evaluation license.

Unlock IT Potential

Unlock IT Potential

Learn how to adapt rapidly to strategy needs with Cisco UCS Director. (4:12 min)

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Comprehensive FlexPod Management

A Holistic Management Approach

See why UCS Director is a vital component to converged infrastructure platforms.

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Features and Capabilities

Increase Business Agility and Operational Efficiency

CIOs and IT managers focus technology discussions around business agility and operational efficiency. Now more than ever, the ways and means of IT deployment can make the difference between an efficient, successful organization and an ineffective one. The typical IT support workload is increasing due to the need for more applications for business operations and new services for competitive differentiation.

Cisco UCS Director (read blog post about recent Version 5.0 release) was designed to operationally integrate bare-metal and virtual data center infrastructure resources. This integration addresses complex, time-consuming, manual, and compartmentalized management processes. These processes burden IT organizations, preventing them from achieving business agility and efficiency.

Unifying the Data Center Environment

Cisco UCS Director unifies and automates end-to-end IT converged infrastructure management processes by abstracting the complexity of individual devices, hypervisors, and virtual machines. Among other advantages:

  • It allows resource delivery across the virtualization, computing, network, and storage layers from a single pane of glass.
  • The self-service infrastructure portal makes it easy for IT administrators or consumers to quickly request and receive infrastructure resources
  • It reduces time to deploy virtual and physical resources from weeks to minutes.

You need heterogeneous infrastructure management. Cisco UCS Director operationally unifies your data center environment by supporting Cisco and non-Cisco hardware. This provides administrators with a holistic, converged infrastructure management experience.

Gain a Single Point of Control

Gain a Single Point of Control

Find out how Cisco UCS Director works with FlexPod, Vblock, and VSPEX.

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Simplifying Converged Infrastructure Management

Some major features and benefits of this solution that simplify converged infrastructure management are:

  • IT policies and governance built into workflows to help ensure consistency of infrastructure deployment, improving efficiency
  • SDK and open automation tools for partner device or custom script integration into UCS Director user interface
  • Alignment of people, business policies, applications, and infrastructure configurations with the business, facilitating successful IT projects

The solution also operates across multiple infrastructure stacks in single data centers and across multiple data centers globally. This provides best practices or service templates across a global organization.

Simplicity in the data center is rare as IT organizations are demanding complex applications and setting challenging expectations. Cisco UCS Director delivers infrastructure automation to more rapidly deploy and manage applications, resulting in operational efficiency and business agility.

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