Cisco UCS Director

Unified Infrastructure Management

Whether your data center is using Cisco-based infrastructures or multivendor solutions, you need Cisco UCS Director. Its unified infrastructure provisioning and management gives you the freedom to shift focus from manual data center management to delivering new innovative services. To see how, sign up for a live technical demonstration and download an evaluation license.

Unlock IT Potential

Accelerate Application Performance

Cisco UCS Invicta Series with Cisco UCS Director helps IT, and your business, move faster. (2:58 min)

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Comprehensive FlexPod Management

A Holistic Management Approach

See why UCS Director is a vital component to converged infrastructure platforms.

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Features and Capabilities

Increase Business Agility and Operational Efficiency

CIOs and IT managers focus technology discussions around business agility and operational efficiency. Now, more than ever, the ways and means of IT deployment can make the difference between an efficient, successful organization and an ineffective one. The typical IT support workload is increasing due to the need for more applications for business operations and new services for competitive differentiation.

You can learn more about how Cisco UCS Director helps deliver IT services faster by reading this blog.

Cisco UCS Director was designed to operationally integrate the bare-metal and virtual data center infrastructure resources to address complex, time-consuming, manual, and compartmentalized management processes. These processes burden IT organizations, preventing them from achieving business agility and efficiency.

Application Infrastructure Acceleration

Cisco UCS Director delivers application-aware infrastructure containers tuned to the specific needs of each application. Among its advantages, Cisco UCS Director:

  • Accelerates application deployment by delivering application-aware infrastructure containers across virtual and physical elements
  • Supports Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure-based and Cisco Virtual Application Container Services automated network solutions
  • Supports a diverse range of workloads across development, test, and production environments

Superior IaaS Management Capabilities

Unified infrastructure provisioning and management delivers superior infrastructure as a service (IaaS) management capabilities with the following benefits:

  • Abstraction of hardware and software into programmable workflows to stand up infrastructure within minutes
  • Reduction of data center complexity with shared or dedicated resource pools that span physical and virtual resources
  • Reduction of capital expenses with real-time monitoring, dynamic load balancing, and optimum resource usage

Multivendor Solution

Because your data center comprises diverse technologies, Cisco UCS Director delivers heterogeneous infrastructure management. The benefits include:

  • Rapid adaptation to changing project requirements with a programmable task library spanning varied server, storage, and virtualization vendors
  • Extensive enhancements for VMware, VCE, and EMC solution components
  • Integration of third-party solutions into the Cisco UCS Director management platform with a publicly available software development kit

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Gain a Single Point of Control

Gain a Single Point of Control

Find out how Cisco UCS Director works with FlexPod, Vblock, and VSPEX.

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Automate Hadoop Cluster Deployment

See how UCS Director Express for Big Data gives you a single-touch solution.

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