Data Center Automation

Deliver App-Ready Infrastructure

Achieve automation, extensibility, and broad device support with Cisco UCS Director.

Deliver App-Ready Infrastructure

Promote IT Innovation and Operational Efficiency

Cisco Intelligent Automation is a portfolio of software products and solutions for data center automation, cloud computing, and IT systems management.

Promote IT Innovation and Operational Efficiency

Automate to Innovate

Automate IT processes with Cisco Intelligent Automation. These software solutions capture and automate manual tasks across your servers, network, applications, and virtualized infrastructure. By facilitating rapid, precise response to changes in your business and technology, you can:

  • Improve effectiveness and reduce risk
  • Increase user satisfaction
  • Ensure greater return on IT investments

Use IT Staff Resources More Effectively

Intelligent Automation frees highly skilled IT staff from essential but time-consuming routine maintenance tasks and processes. These tasks are typically 70 to 80 percent of an organization's IT operational expense. With the built-in intelligence of our automation solutions, your IT staff can concentrate instead on innovation, growth, and creating new business value.

Improve Operational Efficiency and Compliance

Intelligent Automation captures best practices, domain knowledge, and analytics, and transforms them into repeatable processes triggered by policy and defined events. These processes improve:

  • Efficiency
  • Response time
  • Compliance
  • Visibility
  • Business continuity

Orchestration of Infrastructure and Applications

Cisco Intelligent Automation solutions orchestrate IT infrastructure and application-related processes across the stack. You can:

  • Facilitate self-service while enforcing governance and policy-based controls
  • Apply abstraction to simplify provisioning of infrastructure and application resources
  • Use application events to trigger infrastructure resource changes
  • Automate IT processes using best practices to comply with policy and auditability

Intelligent Automation improves efficiency by coordinating the actions of different IT teams and putting capabilities in the hands of the users.

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Workload Automation

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