Cisco UCS Manager

Proven Savings in IT Operations

Cisco UCS Manager delivers real-world benefits for customers every day. It reduces TCO and simplifies daily operations, generating significant savings. That's why more than 45,000 customers worldwide are using Cisco UCS Manager.

Average Savings from Cisco UCS Manager

Based on our analysis of 103 case studies and the Forrester Total Economic Impact report for Cisco UCS of July 2014, customers average:

  • 83 percent reduction in provisioning time
  • 75 percent reduction in project execution time
  • 66 percent lowered ongoing administrative and management costs

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Streamline Daily Operations

Automate and simplify the management of Cisco UCS infrastructure. (PDF - 604 KB)

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Features and Capabilities

Cisco UCS Manager is designed to streamline many of the most time-consuming daily activities, including configuration, provisioning, monitoring, and problem resolution. Cisco UCS management supports the entire Cisco UCS server portfolio: blade servers, rack servers, Cisco UCS Mini, and composable infrastructure.

It helps significantly reduce management and administration expenses by automating routine tasks to increase operational agility while reducing risk. The benefits of Cisco UCS Manager can be extended globally across the enterprise to thousands of servers in multiple domains with Cisco UCS Central Software.

Open, Extensible Platform

This open platform was designed to extend the functionality of your existing management tools through a broad, mature partner ecosystem. You can use existing IT staff, skills, tools, and processes and make them more efficient, so you realize even greater TCO savings. An open API facilitates integration of Cisco UCS Manager with a wide variety of monitoring, analysis, configuration, deployment, and orchestration tools from other independent software vendors (ISVs). The API also facilitates custom development through the Cisco UCS PowerTool for Powershell and a Python SDK.

Enabling Composable Infrastructure

Cisco UCS Manager has been enhanced to support Cisco Composable Infrastructure. Cisco UCS management treats the infrastructure as code, and new local storage management capabilities provide a more granular way of managing infrastructure. A disaggregated system, such as the Cisco UCS M-Series, is centrally managed: the physical and logical elements form fluid resource pools that can be composed dynamically. Infrastructure resources are allocated and provisioned on demand to support specific application and workload needs to adapt to the dynamic demands of Mode 2 and cloud-native applications.

Key Features and Benefits

  • A unified, embedded management that allows server, network, and storage resources to be efficiently managed in software
  • Policy and model-based management with service profiles, which improves agility while reducing risk
  • Autodiscovery to detect, inventory, manage, and provision system components that are added or changed
  • A comprehensive open XML API, which facilitates integration with third-party systems management tools
  • Role-based administration that builds on existing skills and supports collaboration across disciplines

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Cisco UCS management features integrations with many operations tools. (PDF - 652 KB)

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