Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud

Management Beyond Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud unifies cloud management now and provides a framework to scale to future cloud use cases. It includes everything you need—from a platform to a self-service portal tied to automated orchestration for rapid service delivery. This framework can adapt to new use cases such as multicloud and platform as a service (PaaS) to simplify cloud-based service delivery within organizations.

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Get More from Cisco IAC

Cisco Cloud Accelerators expedite use cases beyond infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

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Features and Capabilities

Production-Ready Cloud Services

Cloud usage is advancing and organizations are no longer just provisioning virtual machines and servers. They are expanding to use cases beyond IaaS. This shift requires cloud management solutions that go further than test and development into real-world production use cases that address the entire solution stack.

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) provides these capabilities and more with an extensible framework for cloud management. IAC's powerful platform can scale from single cloud to multicloud deployments while supporting richer application sets ordered by end users on demand. The framework can also easily accommodate modules and accelerators that speed the adoption of new use cases quickly.

Ranked Highest in Strategy

Ranked Highest in Strategy

Cisco earns top marks for strategy in private cloud solutions report from Forrester Research, Inc.

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Cisco IAC contains all the elements essential for successful cloud management, including:

  • Easy-to-use portal and standardized menu of services that provides role-based access to all user types
  • Industry-leading cloud orchestration engine:
    Cisco Process Orchestrator translates customer orders into cloud-based service delivery across the solution stack.
  • Cloud accelerators that speed evaluation and implementation of new technology, such as multicloud support and DevOps:
    Following the vision of the product, these accelerators snap easily into the Cisco IAC platform.
  • Graphical dashboards that help administrators view IT resources available to end users for use in their service orders

Multicloud Ready

Multicloud deployments require network automation, customized pricing schema, isolated data containers for compliance regulations, and role-based viewing of information. In short, you need the ability to provision complete solution stacks from easy-to-use service menus. You need Cisco IAC.

As your cloud-based service needs continue to grow, only Cisco IAC has the scaling capability to grow with you from the same cloud management platform. The end result is a solution that can deliver increased speed, responsiveness, user satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

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