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IAC Extension (3.1.1): CPTA Password Override

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Updated: Mar 04, 2013



This extension provides a way to alter the IAC 3.1.1 Order Virtual Machine from Template service to bypass having the customer enter the administrator password and allow the Cloud Provider Technical Administrator to provide the password.

Before You Begin


Before attempting this configuration, please ensure that you meet these requirements.

  • Basic service design knowledge

Components Used

The information in this document is based on these hardware and software versions.

  • Cisco Cloud Portal 9.4.1 and Intelligent Automation for Cloud Solution 3.1.1

  • The service named "Order Virtual Machine from Template" must have been deployed to the environment

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IAC Extension (3.1.1): CPTA Password Override

Follow these instructions to create an extension for the "Order Virtual Machine from Template" service for the purpose of changing the selector of the VM admin password from the customer to a Cloud Provider Technical Administrator.



CPTA: Cloud Provider Technical Administrator

AFC: Active form component (located in Service Designer module)

When the steps are done you will have completed:

Step 1 - Ensure CPTA has appropriate access control to the form fields

Step 2 - Create an AFC with conditional rules for use on the extension service, and

Step 3 - Add a task to the pre-service extension to allow CPTA to add the password to the form.

Step 1 - Navigate to "Service Designer" module > "Active Form Components" subsection > "Common" form group > "SimplePasswordVerification" AFC > "Access Control" tab. Click on "Service Delivery", under System Moments in the left center pane. Ensure that the role of "Cloud Provider Technical Administrator" has been added to the "Participants" pane and given read/write access to the "Common: SimplePasswordVerification" dictionary.


Step 2 - Navigate to "Service Designer" module > "Active Form Components" subsection. Create a new AFC with no dictionary, as none is needed. Once created, create two conditional rules as specified below:

Rule Summary - "Ordering: Hide PW Fields"

Type: Conditional Rule

Rule Name: Ordering: Hide PW Fields

Conditions: Moment is equal to Ordering


Set Value - SimplePasswordVerification.FirstPassword To Literal Value password

Set Value - SimplePasswordVerification.SecondPassword To Literal Value enter default password

Make Optional - SimplePasswordVerification.All Fields

Hide Fields - SimplePasswordVerification.All Fields

Triggering Field/Form Event:

Form - onLoad

Form - onSubmit

Rule Summary - "Service Delivery: Make Mandatory for CPTA Task"

Rule Name: Service Delivery: Make Mandatory for CPTA Task

Conditions: Moment is equal to Service Delivery and Task Name contains enter part of task name


Make Mandatory - SimplePasswordVerification.FirstPassword

Make Mandatory - SimplePasswordVerification.SecondPassword

Hide Fields - SIBDVirtualDataCenter.All Fields

Hide Fields - SIBDApprovals.All Fields

Hide Fields - Datastore.All Fields

Triggering Field/Form Event:

Form - onLoad

Step 3 - Navigate to "Service Designer" module > "Services" subsection > "VM Request Extensions" service group > "Order a Virtual Machine From Template Pre-servicing" Service.

Add a task for the CPTA to enter the administrator password and assign to person or queue (as exemplified here). Attach email template "Task Fulfillment Pending Notification" to the "Notify when activity starts:" moment of the task.

On the form tab, associate the newly created AFC from Step 2.



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Test by running service end-to-end.


There is currently no specific troubleshooting information available for this configuration.

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Updated: Mar 04, 2013
Document ID: 116002