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Cisco IAC 3.1.1 Hotfix 1 (Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator 2.3.5 Hotfix 10)

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Updated: Mar 13, 2013



Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 3.1.1 Hotfix 1 (Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator 2.3.5 Hotfix 10) should be applied only on Cisco IAC 3.1.1 environments. It resolves the following issues in the Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud content:

  • Missing Process Orchestrator extensions for multi-cloud support. (CSCue82287)

  • Service form could not be submitted because of multiple license entries (CSCue59798; for further information, see Troubleshooting License Failures)

  • VM template OS type not discovered in some scenarios (CSCue95356)

  • Activity Create VM in datastore cluster appends Japanese character (CSCue78142)

  • Commission VM fails when VM hostname has restricted characters (CSCue93366)

  • Discovery fails with more than three UCS managers (CSCue76494)

Install the Hotfix

Install Cisco IAC 3.1.1 Hotfix 1 with the help of Cisco Technical Support. This hotfix is intended to address these specific issues only and should be applied only when the environment experiences these specific problems.

  1. Download and install Cisco IAC 3.1.1 Hotfix 1 from Downloads Home>Products>Cloud and Systems Management>Data Center Automation>Process Automation>Cisco Process Orchestrator>Cisco Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator Base Product>Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator Hotfix-2.3.5.
  2. Extract the contents of the .zip file into an appropriate temporary setup directory.
  3. Make a backup of the TEOProcess and RequestCenter databases before installing the hotfix.
  4. Go to the setup directory and double-click setup.exe.
  5. The installer displays the Automation Pack Import wizard. Select these automation packs:
  • Intelligent Automation for Compute
  • Intelligent Automation for Cloud
  • Intelligent Automation for Cloud Starter
  1. After importing the automation packs, deploy the CP_Services_3-1-1_hotfix1.xml CP package. The package is placed by default in My Documents\Cisco\Tidal EnterpriseOrchestrator\Extracted Data\IAC Hotfix.

Note   See page 10-7 of the Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 3.1.1 Configuration Guide for a similar deployment procedure.

Technical Support

Cisco Technical Support is your first point of contact for resolving issues you may encounter with your product. Telephone assistance is available to customers with current maintenance contracts during standard office hours of 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time (CDT), Monday through Friday. For more information on contacting Cisco, refer to the information below or visit

Cisco Headquarters

Cisco Systems
170 West Tasman Dr.
San Jose, CA 95134
Tel: 650-475-4600
Fax: 650-475-4700

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Updated: Mar 13, 2013
Document ID: 116030