WebEx Case Study: SunGard

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Software Company Reaps Benefits of Online Meetings

International company faced significant challenges in training dispersed employees in new products.

Cisco WebEx Event Center and Cisco WebEx Training Center allowed company to conduct web conferences, training, and events ranging from small meetings to international marketing conferences.


  • Improved communication with customers across 70 countries
  • Reduced length of average sales cycle, accelerating customers' time-to-decision
  • Avoided thousands of nonessential business trips, significantly reducing SunGard's carbon footprint

With WebEx applications, we've been able to migrate from face-to-face meetings to online events without sacrificing customer service or employee development. What's more, our customers and employees truly appreciate that we're not pulling them away from their desks. It all translates into a competitive advantage for us.
- Jennifer Sweet, senior manager, corporate responsibility, SunGard