WebEx Case Study: Mojave Water Agency (MWA)

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WebEx Case Study: Mojave Water Agency (MWA)

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Meeting Center Improves Access to Meetings

MWA needed to monitor local and remote projects in the field and easily solicit input from constituents without traveling.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center technology enabled Mojave Water Agency to conduct online, interactive meetings with constituents and advocates.


  • Improved communication with stakeholders at both state and federal levels
  • Reduced travel expenses enabled MWA to invest resources in other areas
  • Increased public participation in MWA meetings with both live and recorded WebEx meetings

We've had a lot of success [with] our meetings on the web, and the feedback has been extremely positive. Rather than having to [travel], now they can use WebEx to deliver their presentations online.
- Jesse Shelby, information systems manager, Mojave Water Agency