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Case Study: Dallara

Where Dreams Drive the Future

Dallara has been designing and producing road racing cars for more than 40 years. The company’s mission is to make race cars faster and safer with the highest standards of quality and customer support. Check out how Cisco helped Dallara digitally transform and achieve its goals.



  • Managing three different networks inside the Dallara Academy, including university, public and company networks
  • Creating an environment of collaboration for university students via distance learning and remote communications
  • Connecting all devices and customizing the customer experience


  • Improved communication across departments
  • Reduced project and delivery times and costs
  • Integrated the core management system to the vertical warehouse

Customize the customer experience

Cisco is helping companies understand how technology can change the way people work, think, and interact in the work space.

Andrea Pontremoli, CEO, Dallara

Who is Dallara?

Industry: automotive

Location: Varano de' Melegari, Italy

Size: 600 employees

Website: dallara.it