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Enterprise Networks

Our network drives our business

Cisco's end-to-end network is made up of systems that address the unique needs of each place in the network, connected by a common infrastructure. These systems help us speed new technology deployments. Reduce IT staff needs. Protect network and data integrity. And improve employee productivity and experience. 

Meet the IT Experts

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3 ways Cisco DNA Center and ServiceNow integration makes IT more efficient

Today’s highly complex and dynamic networks create demands that often exceed the capacity of IT operations teams. Within Cisco IT, we are meeting these demands by creating integrations between Cisco DNA Center and ServiceNow.

Managing a safer return to work with Cisco DNA Spaces — An early report

As pandemic restrictions ease, we’re working to manage a safer return to the office. Our strategy includes monitoring workspace density using Cisco DNA Spaces in 20 Cisco offices, including several in Asia Pacific and Europe. Here are our experiences after the first few months, and what’s ahead.

As the landscape evolves, so must the enterprise backbone

Most organizations today take advantage of cloud services. From software as a service (SaaS) to infrastructure as a service (IaaS), these cost-effective solutions help accelerate business and offer new opportunities for innovation.

Helping to keep employees safe by measuring workspace density with Cisco DNA Spaces

Employee safety is top of mind as pandemic lockdowns ease and we gradually welcome employees back to the office.

Cisco recently revamped a small, outdated retail space on its main campus in San Jose, CA. More than just rebuilding a store, they reimagined the shopping experience- implementing technologies that make the space easier to shop, easier to run, and capable of learning from customers. The result is a retail store of the future.

To increase network performance, Cisco IT is installing the #Catalyst9000 series solution. Sanjeet Sharma, a recent University graduate and Network Engineer, has been tasked to install the pilot program to ensure a successful deployment. This is another great example of Cisco IT acting as Customer Zero. By deploying on a parallel network, IT can learn about real world challenges within the company and get a first-hand perspective of what #Cisco customers experience.

We go behind the scenes to track a real life product deployment in Charlotte, NC with a few members of our IT staff. In this Cisco Sales office, IT is upgrading the wireless access points to the new Cisco Aironet 4800 access points.